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Here's All You Can Do With a Culinary Arts Course


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“No one is born a great cook, everyone learns the skill.” 

And Culinary course is exactly the right choice if you love cooking and wants to build a career out of it. So you want to make a career as a chef or food & beverage manager or service manager or a baker? Or do you want to explore unconventional career options with high salaries and excellent career scope? No matter what your expectations are, this article will provide you with a clear image of various career options you can explore with a degree in Culinary Arts.

What Do Culinary Arts Do?

Culinary arts specialists aka culinary chefs design the menus for big hotels, prepare the dishes, curate new dishes and combinations, and handle the kitchens in airplanes, cruises, casinos, and hotels. Apart from these functions, culinary chefs are skilled in managing procurement and finances, maintaining kitchen hygiene, and efficient running of the kitchens. 

What Does It Mean to Study Culinary Arts?

In Culinary course they teach: 

  • Specialized cooking techniques
  • Curating new dishes and drinks
  • Presentation basics with the right aesthetics
  • Food safety, hygiene maintenance, and production
  • Measurement using the instruments
  • Various cuisines and menu planning
  • Baking and confectionary fundamentals
  • Business mechanism and staff management skills

Top 6 Career Options in Culinary Arts in 2022

  • Restaurant Chef

So cliché, you already know this one, don’t you? But hear us out. The restaurant industry is only going to drastically expand in the upcoming years. And the options are endless with a shift towards organic and vegan options. Restaurants all around the world are always in search of qualified and expert chefs to manage their kitchens. Well, huge responsibility? With huge responsibilities come great salaries. You get to work at high-paying jobs and also strike a perfect work-life balance as a restaurant chef.

  • Bartenders

If you have a knack for working in clubs and bars along with an interest in various drinks, this one is the perfect fit for you. The demand for bartenders is at an all-time high due to the pub culture on the rise. Clubs, bars, and even casinos want to hire people who know what they are doing and are certified to do so. What’s more exciting? Getting a decent salary with a chance to enjoy the nightlife, sounds perfect.

  • Caterer

The job of a caterer is specially made for those who like challenges. As a caterer, you will be your own boss. You will be designing the menus and preparing the dishes for parties, weddings, family events. The job of a caterer also includes overlooking the dining setup, presentation aesthetics keeping the clients’ requirements under consideration.

Apart from a full-time role, for those who want to begin a new venture, catering is a great option for them as well. 

  • Food Service Manager

Food Service managers are highly ambitious people who manage A to Z of a restaurant’s dining needs. From the hospitality services on the front end to food preparation and menu selection at the back end, they are responsible to manage everything. 

Not just that, food service managers also selects the right ambience; oversee the kitchens and recruitment of junior employees. Apart from restaurants and hotels, even hospitals, schools & college cafeterias, hospital kitchens, and entertainment units also hire food service managers. 

  • Product Developer 

If your interest lies in food safety and technicalities, you must consider pursuing a career as a product developer in the food & beverage industry. You will be working with technologists to analyze, research, develop, test, and produce new food products. You will decide the feasibility of the specific food product keeping the ingredients, shelf life, color, and market dynamics in mind,

Considering the packaged food industry’s boom in recent years, the demand for product developers is only going to rise higher. 

  • Food Journalist

What is a food journalist? Is that even a term? Yes, food journalists are legit hired by big magazines and media agencies. If you like to read about the new food options, forecast trends, explore eateries and cafes, and write about the experience, this one is the best fit for you. You get to learn and share about various cuisines, their flavors, history, and reviews with foodies like you.

Is Culinary a Good Career?

Calling culinary a good career would be an understatement. If you are a keen learner and ready to take charge, culinary is the best career option even if you don’t know much about cooking. This is because of:

  1. Extremely high demand of certified people in culinary arts
  2. Emerging hospitality and food industry
  3. High salaries and perfect work-life balance
  4. Fast-paced career progression
  5. Perfect for those planning to start their own restaurants, cafes, and eateries

Ready to Take the Next Step with ITM?

If you have always dreamt of working at Oberois or Taj hotels, ITM is the place to go. Our Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts is the best culinary arts course available in India. Our culinary arts graduate program is specifically designed to keep the industry demands from the chefs. We provide what recruiters demand, this is why ITC, Taj, Radisson, Starbucks, Novotel, and many more top industry players choose our students for their workforce. 

Our Culinary Arts curriculum equips you with the required technical as well as business management skills that enable you to bag a high-paying job position with the industry giants. Just like the culinary arts career options, you will have unlimited access to quality education. Our faculty comes from the top-rated institutions with years of working experience in hospitality management and chef roles. We provide the perfect blend of expertise and experience to make sure our students learn from the best and work with the best. ITM provides 100% placement assistance to each of our students. So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your career the right way with ITM.