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The top 5 Reasons to Pursue Fashion Design


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Do you think of yourself as creative? Do you enjoy drawing? If you said yes, you could be interested in working in fashion design. Students can learn about fashion trends, drawing, selecting colors, materials, and styles, as well as designs, garments, and accessories, by studying fashion. Fashion design is the newest craze, and many students want to work in this industry. The process of producing new designs for garments and accessories to make them more appealing and fashionable is known as fashion design.

In recent years, fashion design has emerged as the most appealing, trendy, and exciting career option. Fashion design is the perfect career for you if you are creative, original, imaginative, and fashionable. Some of the jobs accessible include fashion designers, fashion coordinators, fashion management, stylists, merchandisers, textile analysts, product managers,  store managers, fashion bloggers, and fashion journalists.

A bachelor's degree in clothes design is essential, as is a master's degree in design. Fashion studies, fashion design components, computer design (cad, Corel draw, photoshop, and illustrator), garment construction, pattern creation, and textile and clothing testing track all allow you to focus your study. At the undergraduate level, you will be able to focus on practical design and hands-on manufacture of one-of-a-kind clothing pieces. Sustainability, aesthetics, technologies, clothing history and culture, and consumer behavior are among the graduate research concentrations.

Why Study Fashion Design? 


The fashion industry is well-known for its vigor and vibrancy. There are no comparable days in this town. Dull days are becoming increasingly unusual in today's fast-paced workplace. Several persons in positions of power are able to travel regularly and attend fashion events.

Traveling allows you to connect with a wide range of customer kinds. As a result, your learning time is increased. Attending a range of attractive industry events can also help you gain awareness.


If you are a creative individual who enjoys designing not only clothes but also accessories like purses, gowns, and scarves, you can pursue your goal by polishing your skills and enrolling in a fashion design course. This course will help you to pursue your interest for designing beautiful embroideries, draperies, pleats, and laces.

With an increasing number of fashion-conscious consumers all over the world, the need for fashion designers is also increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, taking a design job will boost not just your career but also enable you to achieve your vision.

New inventions and fashion trends for the future are being produced in the world of fashion. As a result, the job of a fashion designer is extremely appealing because it always involves fun and a creative mind when producing a new product, style, or design.

Meeting industry experts and networking

Establishing connections with industry experts is vital in any career. When you meet the right people, they will help you find further opportunities. Working in the design industry exposes you to a wide range of people with varying perspectives and perceptions. It will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot from well-known industry personalities.

Early professional ties can be quite useful to your career advancement. If you ever choose to start your own business, you will have significant connections that will help you in the long term. It would be great to build your own identity in the fashion industry as long as you maintained strong working relationships with others.

Opportunity for leaving your comfort zone

Many professionals search for jobs that need a high level of motivation to succeed. If you're one of them, you'd have a fantastic working environment for success in the fashion industry.

"Change is the only constant in life," said Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and this is certainly true in the fashion industry. New trends come and depart from this complex sector on a daily basis. You will have countless opportunities to demonstrate your worth by being a part of an ever-changing business.

It is a psychological fact that some anxiety boosts productivity. Yeah, studying fashion design is a wonderful choice if you don't want a "safe" job and want to pursue a fulfilling profession that pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Diverse profiles and positions for varied skillset

Professionals with a variety of skills are needed in the fashion sector. Several types of facilities are used to get the finished product out. You should then choose your professional position accordingly. Fashion designers and costume designers are examples of creative people.

There are individuals who are more involved in the garment production process, such as model machinists, upholsterers, pattern graders, and so on. Those who desire to employ their management talents will also work in positions such as production manager, marketing manager, and so on. You will most likely find an appropriate position in this broad industry based on your interests and skills.

Establish your own business: Another significant advantage of pursuing fashion design is the ability to create your own business in the same sector. If you are well-known, you can start your own fashion line, clothing company, or fashion store.

Salary packages

Another element that makes fashion design an appealing job option is the high pay. You will never be disappointed with your compensation whether you work for a reputable fashion designer, a fashion house, or your own endeavour. You can work with reputed and high-end clients as well as start a boutique or a freelancing project of your own. You have the opportunity to diversify your income. You can take up a few big projects in the year or divide your time up equally between smaller ones. You can be an entrepreneur or get a job at a big fashion store designing products, patterns and more. Furthermore, as your professional experience grows, so will your prospects for learning and earning a good salary.

In Conclusion,

Fashion design degrees are available from a variety of art and design colleges. Studying a fashion design or other design course at ITM could be an excellent choice for you. ITM is one of India's premier colleges, offering a variety of specialized design programs.

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