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What is Fashion Designing 

A Fashion designing course teaches students the art of designing aesthetically appealing and attractive items of clothing. Individuals are taught to design creative dresses and accessories in institutes of Fashion designing.

Fashion designing is one of the most popular courses among students who want to pursue a career in design specializations. Each year more and more students apply for Fashion designing courses in institutes in India. Students who want an artistic and creative career in designing can pursue courses in Fashion designing courses.

Fashion designing is a bright career option not just in India but also abroad too.

The Fashion industry has grown many folds in the previous decade, multiplying on the need for fashion designers and opening up many job opportunities for aspiring candidates to choose a niche and develop their careers.

Individuals who select the right stream in Fashion designing can have a lot of opportunities open for them.


Fashion Designing courses

The Fashion industry is made up of people managing various roles that all contribute to the development of a fashion item, from its manufacture through its transformation into a fashion statement.

The Fashion bachelor's degree offers students many roles they can choose to advance in depending on their choices, interest, skill set, and past education.

Some of the Fashion degree courses available to students are mentioned below-

  • Bachelor of Design (B Des)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech)
  • BSc fashion designing

Students can choose to advance in the above mentioned courses of their choice, however, the most opted for course is the BSc fashion designing course. A BSc fashion designing course helps students develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed for them to understand the fundamentals of the Fashion industry.



There's a certain eligibility criteria that students need to follow while enrolling in Fashion degree courses. Candidates must have cleared their 12th from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% to advance in this course.

Although admission to a Fashion designer bachelor degree would be based on merit, some institutes conduct an entrance exam to better know a candidate's field of interest and skill set. Candidates would have an edge if they bring in a work or design portfolio with them to the admission process.

Having a portfolio would help an institute know a candidate's work profile and knowledge. Followed by the entrance exam a candidate will have to go through an interview round, a candidate's performance in these 3 rounds will determine their selection in the institute.


Skills a fashion designing course helps develop

Fashion designing courses like the BSc Fashion designing course help students develop important skill sets that they can use to their advantage and excel in their careers.

Some of the important skills this course teaches students are mentioned below-


  • Artistic creativity

A candidate pursuing a Fashion designer bachelor degree must have artistic creativity.

An understanding of the art and using it creatively in fabrics will help students to create beautiful and aesthetically appealing dresses and fashion accessories for the dynamic fashion industry.

Understanding that this industry creates fashion products, such as fashion garments and designer clothes, and it relies on 'attracting' customers to buy them. 

Attracting a customer necessitates that the product is excellent and appealing. 

Only by being 'creative' can students create products that are excellent, nice, and unique.


  • Right colour choices

A student who has the knowledge of combining colours and patterns in the appropriate way is more likely to create masterpieces that catch the attention of others. The Fashion designing industry is entirely based on the right colours, patterns, and original, eye catching designs

An individual who can make the right combination is more likely to excel and create fantastic designs in the Fashion industry. A person's attraction and purchase of a certain piece of clothing are frequently based on color. 

Year after year, a new T-shirt in a different color can assist modify the look of a product.


  • Communication skills 

Communication skills help facilitate smooth communication between employees of an organization.

A student with strong communication skills may effectively communicate their ideas, present their approach, and be more polite and receptive to their coworkers, allowing them to advance faster in the Fashion industry.

Fashion communication is critical because fashion firms must communicate with their customers.  

A student can build portfolios by developing communication strategies.


  • Innovativeness

A Fashion bachelor's degree teaches students how to demonstrate their innovation in their work.

If an individual is better able to put forward their ideas and inventions through distinctive designs and styles, their masterpieces are more likely to be picked for exhibitions, fashion shows, and even go out and be a fashion statement. If a brand isn't innovative, it won't be able to provide value to its customers. 

Customers will automatically steer other customers to the competition if a brand does not innovate. At the convergence of fashion and technology, innovation is reshaping the way the fashion and luxury industries function today.


  • Sketching skills

The first step of fashion designing is to know the art of sketching. Students can have complete control over the design aspects of the clothing piece while sketching. They can rapidly edit, manipulate, and update anything they desire, from tiny buttons to sleeve patterns.

Spending time sketching will help students establish their distinctive style and have a deeper knowledge of design concepts. 

To make a unified collection, students can draw via multiple styles.



Fashion designing courses like BSc in Fashion designing help students gain the most important and versatile skills needed in the line of work. A diverse skill set developed by these courses helps students understand the fundamentals of the Fashion industry. 

Students with the right understanding of the Fashion industry can excel in their careers.

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