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Why Animation courses will be the next big thing?

The human race has been surrounded by animation for the past 2 decades and we have not realized it. From kids watching cartoons to adults consuming anime content, we all have been a part of the booming industry of animation. 

Animation has been largely used in the entertainment industry from making funny cartoons to VFX in movies everything is part of an animation. However, the understanding of how to become a part of the animation industry is still unknown to many of us. 

Most importantly, people from India are oblivious to the fact that there are animation courses that one can pursue and be well-paid for the job. Animation is a difficult domain to gain expertise so doing it by oneself will never be a good option. 

If you feel that you want to and can pursue something that makes games that you love playing on the phone, an animation course in 2023 is your best bet. 

It will open all the doors of opportunities for students to become animators and live a full-filling life of animations and cartoons. 


Who should apply for animation courses?

Though the idea of becoming an animator sounds wonderful and exciting, it may not be for everyone. The animation course will require you to be a person who loves creativity. Animation is largely a creative course for people who love to draw, make illustrations, follow the change of design on many social media platforms, love watching movies, and are just lovers of colours.

It is true that animators love colours and design more than anything in this world! 

Moreover, with the love of creativity animation courses can challenge each student with the technical study. For you to pursue a thriving career in animation you must be a technically sound person who can work on the software made for animation. 


Let us understand what animation is and how you will become a part of the digital sphere once you graduate from the animation course. 

The moving sequences of drawings and illustrations made for any kind of screen are largely known as animation. The illusion of the natural movement of characters is the main function of graduating from an animation school. 


What are the different types of animations?

  • Stop Motion This is animated filmmaking that involves photographing and then physically manipulating the objects within each frame. When each frame is played in sequence it creates an illusion of motion. This will be taught in the animation course of ITM.
  • 2D Animation The art and method of creating motion with the objects in a 2D space. The illustration of a product or person is sequenced in rapid form to create a sense of movement making it a 2D animation.
  • Though the use of 2D animation has depleted over the years it will, however, thrive in the next coming years as it is still the base of the animation industry.
  • Motion Graphics Motion graphics is taught in every animation course across the world due to their increasing use in the industry. It is a smart blend between the study of visuals, audio, and moving illusions with graphics for various media like the internet or even film.There are many other types of animations that are currently being used to make any kind of animation that you see on your phone or computer screen. For example, character animation, creative computing, VFX, game animation, game development, hand-drawn motion, and many others. The industry is growing with every passing day and you can be a part of it with a bachelor’s in animation courses.


Let us understand who can apply for the animation courses at ITM. 

This is a bachelor-level animation course with a tenure of 4 years and each semester will draw attention to every part of the digital sphere. 

In the 4 years, all the latest technologies that have popped up will also be taught making you ready for the industry once you step out of college.

  • You must have passed 10+2 from any stream/faculty with at least 40% marks.
  • Students waiting for their 10+2 results can also apply for the animation course.


How to apply for the animation course?

  • Register yourself on the website of itm.edu before the end date.
  • You will be asked to verify your email ID, so do have a legitimate email Id that you will use for the next 4 years in college.
  • Fill all the details in the online application form with proper information to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • There will be a certain application fee for you to proceed with the animation course. You can make payments from the available options.
  • Upload all the necessary documents asked for and wait for further communication from the college admission team.


How will this animation course change your life?

Animation is a smart yet creative field. The need for good animators has been increasing in the past years but not many people pursue the art of animation. 

You will be one of the few that will step into this industry and make a mark. There are high chances that you can get ample opportunities overseas after you complete this animation course and get a few years of experience. 

The animation course will not only pave the path for your career but also mould you into a person who is resilient, reliable, and exceptionally smart in their job. 

Hope you take this chance and make the best of your life.

If you think you are a good fit and want to make a  career in animation, this animation course is your calling. 

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