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Interior Design- colleges, courses, degrees, everything you need to know.


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Designers make indoor spaces safe, functional, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items. It involves decorating houses, rooms, and offices, according to the styles and latest trends of the interior industries.

Interior design colleges are the best way to get a fully secured job in the industry. We should invest in education to bear its fruits in the later stages of life. We should be self-determined to work towards our mission and get successful in life

Why choose a bachelor’s of interior design course?

As per reports, India has seen a rise in investments from real estate properties in tier 1 and tier 2 cities, which will result in the requirement for more interior designers in India.  Reports say, more than 1 lakh interior designers are needed in India right now, including designers who work as freelancers. 

Good design colleges set rules and aim to reach every student with time-based strategies and projects

This is a great opportunity for buddy interior designers! They can get to explore more in their choice of field and will be able to contribute to the economy of the country. 

You can join the best colleges and work towards your goal.

With the increasing number of properties, almost one in 10 houses will need an interior designer. So all designers should buckle up and look for good design colleges and courses.

Eligibility criteria for interior designer bachelor’s degree - 

Competition is nothing new to the people living all over the world, hence getting admission to the best colleges will need a little more than studying

Candidates interested in pursuing a career in Bachelor’s in Interior Design from design college needs to fulfill the following eligibility criteria -

  • Candidates must have passed their class 12th  from a recognized educational Board, in any stream.
  • A minimum aggregate of 50 percentile marks for general candidates and 45 percent marks for reserved candidates at the level of class 12th is a must to enroll in colleges.
  • To apply for admission, candidates must have taken mathematics and physics as a full-time course or as an extra subject in their 12th grade.

Additional skills required for a bachelor’s of interior design course - 

Our in-built skills play a very important role in our lives when it comes to education. Education is the additional wealth we acquire if we fully concentrate and study to reach our goals. 

A skill helps us to reach that goal sooner than our set time period. The below-mentioned skills will prove highly beneficial for candidates who aspire to become designers from the best design colleges.

  • Creativity- A creative flair in their area of specialization is a requirement for candidates enrolling in a bachelor of interior design degree program to succeed in the industry. For someone working in a creative field like design, being unoriginal is a big no.
  • Communication skills- The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills. You must communicate your ideas to clients in the most persuasive way possible. You must possess the ability to influence others to pick your work over rivals'. If all you know about the subject is the rudiments, you won't get very far.
  • Computer and Digital skills- The industry is now embracing digital art. You don't have to be an expert, but learning a skill that is in demand will always be beneficial to you. Digital and virtual works of art are in high demand from businesses and advertising agencies. 
  • The Artistic Skill- It is common knowledge that this profession requires artistic talent. It cannot be learned solely via practice; it requires the capacity to sketch and create. You need to be creative and aware of the many methods applied in the field to enter college.

Best bachelor in design colleges - 

Graduating from the best college gives you an upper hand over others when looking for job opportunities. You learn the best techniques and skills from good and reputed colleges. You will be considered the first option for every project or task in your workplace.

Therefore, a good college is a must. Never settle for less, always give your best to get the best in return.

  • Here’s a list of top interior design colleges -
  1. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  2. CEPT University, Gujarat
  3. Indian Institute of Art and Design, Delhi
  4. Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur
  5. JJ School of Arts, Mumbai
  6. College of Architecture, Nashik
  7. Exterior Interiors Pvt Ltd,  Kolkata
  8. Pearl Academy, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Jaipur      
  9. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  10. Sai School of Interior Design, New Delhi

Top recruiters for bachelor of interior design course -

An interior design course has seen a distinctive rise in opportunities in India. People nowadays want to live in pretty houses and have a comfortable lifestyle. This leads them to search for a good designer. That’s when good firms get into the picture. Good design colleges will give you the best opportunities.

  • The following are some of the recruiters in the industry for bachelor's in interior design-
  1. Gauri Khan Designs
  2. Urban Ladder
  3. DesignQube
  4. The Karighars
  5. De Panache
  6. Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts
  7. Morph Design Co
  8. Pinakin Design
  9. Carafina
  10. MIT
  11. Urban Ladder
  12. Shobha Developers
  13. Borito Designs
  14. NID
  15. Livespace
  16. Vogue Institute of Art
  17. Puran Interiors
  18. Kuvio Studio

Career opportunities for interior designer bachelor’s degree -

Of all the creative professions, interior design may be the one that depends on the individual's inspiration the most. It is possibly the most arbitrary as well.

Making mistakes is a necessary part of creativity. Knowing which elements to maintain is design. 

The best design colleges will help you get the best opportunities.

  • You can choose from the below-mentioned careers after bachelors in interior design -
  1. Interior Designer
  2. Exhibition Designer
  3. Theatre Designer
  4. Visual Merchandiser
  5. Textile Designer
  6. Researcher
  7. Teacher
  8. Industrial Designer
  9. Design Manager
  10. Interior Decorator
  11. Home Designer
  12. Design Journalist
  13. Bedroom Designer

Areas of employment after bachelors in interior design- 

  1. Resort Chains
  2. Regional and Metropolitan Development Work
  3. Architectural Firms
  4. Hotels
  5. Builders
  6. Private Consultancies
  7. Town Planning Bureau
  8. Studios
  9. Exhibition Organizers

The average salary after graduating from design college -

According to reports, the average annual income for designers in India is INR 3,00,000. Based on a variety of factors, including experience level and job description, we have categorized the wages paid to designers below.

For a designer with a bachelor's degree, the annual income may range from 2,31,000 to 10,00,000. This is purely based on the level of their experience. 

These statistics show the increase in demand for designers in the country. Good prospects also come from a great design college.

This might be a stepping stone for budding designers.

  • Scope after graduating from interior design college -

Future trends in population expansion, senior design, modern architecture, and green design can provide you an advantage in the job market.

Reading design magazines and websites, interacting with other designers, and taking advice from a mentor are all vital ways to stay current with design trends.

The design sector has a huge and thriving potential. Remodeling, expanding and renovating a residence, a place of business, or infrastructure is all part of interior designing services. Skillful colleges teach their students technicalities and advance their students.

 It is an artful science that uses smart yet beautiful designs to improve a place in order to create a healthier environment inside a home. 

There is something for everyone in the field of design, from the functional—furniture for homes and offices—to the conceptual and artistic.

This just needs your constant concentration during your college years and hard work during your initial years. Having an aim will help you reach your goal sooner and get you a nice paycheck.

We truly hope that this blog will assist you in answering all of your unanswered queries about interior design colleges and bachelor of interior design courses.

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