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How to pursue a career in Fashion Designing


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What is Fashion designing?

Everyone appreciates the beauty of design, whether in attire, jewellery, shoes or accessories. Fashion design speaks a thousand words that portray individual styles, moods and unique aesthetics. This makes Fashion Designing an intriguing and exciting career option for those who are interested and inclined.

Fashion designing is a popular industry, the world over. Each year many students apply for Fashion Designing courses as a first step towards pursuing a career in this line. 

These courses help candidates learn about the various fashion trends in the ever changing Fashion industry around the world.

The Fashion industry has grown at an unprecedented rate, opening up a plethora of opportunities for individuals who have the skills and the qualifications needed to function in this industry. 

Fashion Designing courses teach students to create artistic designs and patterns related to clothing and apparel. Fashion designing is the art of designing items of apparel which are aesthetically appealing as well as functional. 

Fashion designing colleges in Mumbai provide proper knowledge about fashion, and the ways to design the specific item a course specifies in. The knowledge offered in a fashion designing course is important in taking an individual's career ahead.

It's popular among students looking out for a creative career option.

Fashion designing colleges in Mumbai cover all the aspects of Fashion like clothes, footwear, handbags, accessories, fabrics, patterns and colours, and the current trends in the industry.

Styling, photography, communication, media, make-up, worldwide industry practices, and entrepreneurship are all included in the course design, which strikes a balance between fashion creativity, fashion representation, and fashion management.

Fashion design courses allow students a lot of freedom to experiment with their own ideas. 

They can create creative fashion ideas and turn them into a trend.


Fashion designing courses 

There are a variety of fashion designing courses available for students to choose from.

Fashion Designing Courses teach students how to master the art of designing outfits and materials by generating unique ideas in the fashion business. 

Courses from Under graduate or Postgraduate courses to even Diplomas or Certificates are available for students to choose from.

When choosing a  Fashion designing course in Mumbai, these are the top options available to students:

  • Bachelor of Design (B Des)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech)

Here we will talk about the course which is the most popular and the most opted by students.


Bachelor of Design degree or (B. Des) degree.

A Bachelor of Design degree is an undergraduate program available to individuals interested in pursuing a career in design.

It is a four year program offered by a number of universities in India.

Candidates who choose this degree can specialize in a variety of sectors, including Interior design, Accessory design, Graphic design, and Textile design, to name a few.

Out of these Fashion designing is one of the prime streams individuals choose to advance in. 

The Bachelor of Designing degree helps students get qualified for a Fashion designing career by teaching necessary knowledge and skills needed in this field of work.

The B.Des Fashion Design Program focuses on preparing creative workers for the fashion business through a comprehensive, dynamic, and independent thought approach. The degree is unique in that it places equal focus on intellectual, aesthetic, and management skills, and creates professionals by combining talent with industry trends.

Personality development is an example of a subject that provides students with both textual and practical information, allowing them to build a solid foundation.

The best fashion designing colleges in Mumbai allow students to participate in internships, events, and sessions related to the fashion sector, allowing them to gain insight into how this industry operates.

Students interested in pursuing a profession in the Fashion business, such as a Fashion designer, should enroll in these courses.

It teaches them the necessary designing skills.

A student needs to have passed their 12th from a recognized board in India and should have at least 50% marks.

Therefore a Bachelor of Design degree is the right option for students to go for.


How to pursue it

The minimum requirement needed to pursue a Fashion designing course is having a 10+2 years of education from a recognized institute in India

A candidate must also have artistic abilities, such as the ability to draw and sketch, in order to excel in this sector.

Along with artistic skills, the following skills also come in handy in this course some of which are Creativity, Good communication skills, Originality, Proper understanding of colors and shades, Visual Imagination, Observation, and understanding of the market as well as customer demands.

Fashion designing colleges in Mumbai conduct an aptitude test after the students have met the minimum qualifications in order to learn about their preferences and interests. 

Following the aptitude test, some Fashion designing colleges conduct a personal interview.



In India, the Fashion industry is vast and diverse, with people dressing in a variety of styles.

 Styles ranging from Western to Traditional that include regional dresses and accessories that are very diverse from one another.

With a population of over a billion people, there is always a huge need for clothing and accessories. This creates a demand for fashion designers to provide a variety of styles for men, women, and even children. Individuals with a talent for designing and good artistic knowledge can excel in this career.

The Fashion designing industry requires innovation and a certain interest in designing, sketching, and understanding colors and fabric and going along with knowledge about the current market trends.

Fashion designing colleges in Mumbai also teach students to handle things on the marketing front. After the completion of this course, individuals get to decide which design goes for exhibition, fashion shows, or retail outlets. You may also establish your own business after finishing the Fashion Designing courses and begin expanding it.

If you have the talent for designing, there are uncountable jobs for you in the field.

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