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Interior designers, either as freelancers or as part of a design agency, design and develop living and working environments for a variety of clientele. Designers may specialize in one field, such as green areas, house design, or business offices. Anyone pursuing a career in interior design may have several questions, including Is a design degree required from the ITM IDM institute to get started? Will I have to work for an agency or can I do it alone? Should I concentrate on one aspect of design?

An interior designer is someone who creates the interior design of people's homes. But the work doesn't stop there. Interior designer does more than just create something artistic to be done with a house; they strike the right balance between convenience and beauty for their customers. They consider furnishings that must be present in the house and how to best arrange them in an empty flat to create a lively and visually appealing home!

What is interior design?

Interior design is a field that focuses on architecture and space planning to create coherent and visually acceptable designs for homes and businesses. Professional interior designers must have specialized education and professional training.

Interior design encompasses aspects such as discovering the homeowner's inner style, defining his expression, spatial awareness, the purpose of rooms, the use of light, the use of diverse forms, wall art, textiles, and furnishings, purchasing accessories, and providing finishing touches. Almost every one of us wants to live in a beautiful home. The interior design trend is always evolving and highlights some of the greatest work done by interior designers and interior design firms. Interior design is the art and science of enhancing and bringing life to a space.

Here is everything you need to know about the course from ITM IDM institute:


Candidates who have completed their Class 12 from a recognized board are eligible to apply for an interior design course. Reputed colleges, however, have additional eligibility requirements that state that candidates must have studied Mathematics and Physics as a full-time course from the ITM IDM institute or as an additional subject in their Class 12 to apply for admission to an interior design course from the ITM IDM institute.

Career Options

Professional interior designers from prestigious institutes such as ITM IDM are in high demand both in India and abroad. To get a respectable job, you must have completed a professional course with a high grade and from a renowned institution such as the ITM IDM.

After completing the interior design course, you may work for firms that provide interior decoration services or for the real estate industry to plan housing and societies. There is a bright future in this field through ITM IDM, but you must work hard first. To earn a high salary after getting a degree from the ITM IDM institute, you must be creative, have drawing skills, problem-solving skills, client satisfaction skills, basic architecture, designing skills, home improvement product knowledge, and have a pleasant personality.


The ability to communicate and listen well is the most critical quality interior designers may have, in addition to an intuitive sense of style and inventiveness when picking design aspects for customers. Designers from the ITM IDM institute must be able to comprehend their client's needs and communicate them to design teams, engineers, and other experts working on the project. Designers from reputed institutes such as ITM IDM should be able to envision how various components will fit together in any environment. The free flow of ideas is critical since they may need to propose many designs before deciding on the winner. Strong problem-solving abilities are essential for maintaining projects on budget and schedule and are taught well at institutes such as ITM IDM. 

While most courses from reputed institutes such as ITM IDM cover the technical aspects of the discipline, there are a few skills that anyone interested in interior design should have. If you want to work in the interior design field, you should have good communication skills, excellent spatial recognition (the ability to visualize space), drawing and sketching skills, and an interest in textures and colors, all of which are taught in reputed institutes such as ITM IDM.


There is also the possibility of meeting celebrities in the field of interior design. A professional graduate starting in this field can expect to earn between Rs. 10000 and Rs. 20000 per month. However, after gaining experience, they may earn between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 75,000 per month.

Career Route

Interior designers collaborate with architects, builders, and engineers to plan the structure (which could be a residential space or a commercial complex), layout, color schemes, decorations, and furnishings of a business. Their primary goal is to make any interior decor attractive, pleasant, and comfortable. After completing the interior design course, a candidate has two career options: interior decorator or interior designer. They are in charge of making clients' dreams come true by transforming a space into a beautiful and lavish home.

Just like the fashion design course, following your 10+2 education, you can pursue a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree in Interior Designing/Furniture Design/Ceramic and Glass Design and other related fields. They have different names, but a look at their curriculum will reveal the subtle differences and what you should be studying. 

You can also pursue postgraduate M.Des courses and a variety of diplomas from a reputed institute such as ITM IDM. One thing to remember is that colleges have its entrance exams/aptitude tests. A good portfolio is required for an interior design career, and a good portfolio is required for an interior design degree from a good college like ITM IDM

Future Prospects

Just like the fashion design course, Interior designers are in high demand these days, not only because more people are wanting their homes designed, but also because there are more restaurants, shops, and offices that want their spaces designed. Aesthetics are now an important aspect of any office space.

Every workplace necessitates an efficient design that aids in the completion of tasks quickly. Furthermore, restaurants and shops frequently thrive because of their cool interiors. As a result, interior design has grown in importance.

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