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Everything you need to know: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication


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Most meetings during the covid period were held on computers to make it easy for remote working and still communicating. Switching from real-life meetings to online meetings is the best example of how visual communication is an integral part of most industries to function efficiently.

Many people know graphic design as a hobby however, visual communication holds much more value in the market today. The bachelor of visual communications degree from IDM is built to help students to transform into professionals who can make a change in the industry of design with their knowledge and unbeatable skill set.  

What is Design in Visual Communication?

  • A bachelor’s degree in design specializing in visual communication is a 4-year degree that integrates the amplified demand for design in various industries with conventional learning and skills.
  • Visual representation of ideas is widely used in print and digital media for creative communication.
  • The course allows students to explore the career options of graphic design, UI/UX design, graphic design, product/packaging design, and a lot more.
  • Visual designing bridges the extended gap in the market as the splurge in the demand for designers in different sectors is not fulfilled by education.

Why should you consider visual communications as your career option?

If you resonate well with design, colours, themes, and the depiction of art through a digital medium then this course is a perfect fit for you to jump in and learn and be one of the best in the market.

  • This field will get you a high-paying job for being creative and smart with colours and design.
  • The current specialists in visual communications strived to learn the curvature of visuals due to limited sources and zero educational support. But today, you can tap into the power of learning and combine it with opportunities in this growing industry.
  • The spectrum of visual communication is growing daily. One can choose from a creative head in filmmaking to a UI/UX for an artificial intelligence-based start-up company. Over the 4 years of the degree, opportunities and learning will flow in every direction of the global world.
  • Industries like e-commerce, fintech, cryptocurrency, television, media, and a lot more are hunting for viable candidates that can match the standards of the growing visual technologies.
  • The increasing use of social media across all borders has opened opportunities overseas for designers making it a potential career option for creative heads.
  • The visual industry is set to grow at an unprecedented speed making it the next most high paying in the world.

What will you learn in this course?

Visual communication is a blended study of strategic thinking and needs spot-on communication with visuals with a wholesome understanding of market trends and algorithms of different social platforms.

Every niche of visual designing needs learning of metrics, performance, data, business, strategies, brand, product, and a lot more. This course will pour the cup of learning with every necessary aspect that suits the need for creativity and problem-solving abilities to outperform in the design industry.

You will learn the following in the duration of this course.

  • In-depth learning of design and processes that lay the foundation of any process of design to make you an ideal fit for any responsibility that might come your way.
  • The details of storytelling will develop your creative brain and match the industry standards.
  • You will learn the research and development that goes under to make designs that can resonate with the media you are dealing with.
  • All the tools and technologies that are used by professionals today will be efficiently taught. Moreover, how to handle emerging technolgies in the future will also be taught to make you industry ready.
  • With critical skills in designing this bachelor’s degree will also teach soft skills necessary for any professional to grow in the market. 

What are the top #4 high-paying design jobs that you can expect after the course?

  • UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX designer is specified to create a user-friendly interface to enhance customer satisfaction on apps and websites. With the increase in tech startups and the influence of artificial intelligence, there is a clear demand for designers that can make customers stay on their site for a longer time.

The IT hubs of India like Silicon Valley, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai offer higher packages for UI/UX designers.

  • Game Designer

Nobody can deny the fact that video games have taken over teens! Most kids and adults combined are playing video games to a large extent making a game designer’s job a crucial one. Games can be complicated and need a higher set of skills to keep the audience intact to play. Hence, a game designer is a job option you can count on.

This role has immense opportunities across the globe, so you should not be thrilled if you are asked to cross borders.

  • Product and Packaging Designer

A product or packaging designer crafts and builds product prototypes that are completely functional to assist the understanding of the product specifications and use via the digital medium.

  • Art Directors

The field of movies, television, and web series has increased the demand for art directors who can build the digital version of the sets that will be required for shooting. The artwork and imaging are done by art directors using different technologies that build the bridge between idea and execution.

What do you need to get into this course?

  • You must be 10+2 pass out in any stream or anyone waiting for their 10+2 results can also apply.
  • Download the brochure of the course to understand its yearly or term-based bifurcation of the learning graph.
  • Once you are thorough with the course, apply through the website of IDM.
  • The admission team will get in touch with you for further details.

Is there an entrance for this course?

Yes, there is an entrance exam that you will need to appear for. The syllabus will be close to what you have studied in junior college and to how inclined you are towards this course.

You can surely go ahead with the course if you want to –

  • Build a career in a creative field.
  • Be in a well-paid job.

Will you be professional opportunities in this course?

Yes, the last semester will consist of employment opportunities to test your professional skill sets.

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