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Fashion design is a competitive and ever-evolving field with opportunities for creativity, innovation, and business success. However, to pursue a career in fashion, you need talent and passion, and vital education and training from a reputable institution. If you're looking for a fashion designing college that can provide you with the best opportunities and resources for your future, consider the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at ITM.

In this blog, we'll explore why you should consider ITM for pursuing a Bachelor of Fashion Design, from the program's overview to the career prospects for graduates. 

Bachelor of Fashion Design at ITM

The Bachelor of Fashion Design program at ITM is a four-year undergraduate course that aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the fashion industry. The program covers various subjects, from design concepts and techniques to marketing and management principles. Here are some of the highlights of the program's curriculum:

Design Fundamentals: This subject covers the basics of design elements and principles, such as colour theory, composition, texture, and form. Students learn to develop their creative abilities and visual communication skills through various projects and assignments.

Fashion Illustration: Students learn to draw and render fashion figures, garments, and accessories using different mediums and styles. They also learn to create mood boards and storyboards to convey their design concepts and inspirations.

Pattern Making: Teaches students the technical aspects of pattern making, draping, and garment construction. Students learn to create patterns, prototypes, and final garments using different fabrics, sewing techniques, and tools.

Textile Science: Students learn about the properties, manufacturing processes, and sustainability aspects of various textile materials, such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic fibres. They also learn to identify and analyze different types of fabrics for their suitability in design and production.

Marketing and Retailing: Covers fashion marketing, branding, and retailing principles and practices. Students learn to create marketing plans, promotional campaigns, and visual merchandising displays for different target audiences and markets.

Why Choose ITM for Fashion Designing Courses?

Reputation and Ranking

ITM has a strong reputation and ranking in fashion education, with a proven track record of producing successful graduates who have made a mark in the industry. The institute has been consistently ranked among the top fashion designing colleges in India by various ranking agencies and publications, such as India Today, Outlook, and The Week.

Faculty Expertise and Industry Exposure

ITM has a team of expert faculty members who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from the fashion industry. The faculty includes renowned designers, merchandisers, marketers, and researchers who have worked with leading brands and companies. They provide students with personalized guidance, mentorship, and feedback to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals.

ITM has collaborations and partnerships with national and international fashion organizations and institutes. These partnerships offer students opportunities for exchange programs, workshops, seminars, and projects with industry experts and peers from different backgrounds and cultures.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

ITM has invested in state-of-the-art facilities and resources to provide students with a conducive and stimulating learning environment. The institute has well-equipped design studios, workshops, computer labs, and libraries that cater to the various needs of the program. Students have access to the latest software, tools, and equipment for designing, prototyping, and presenting their work.

ITM hosts various events, exhibitions, and shows throughout the year, such as fashion weeks, design competitions, and guest lectures. These events allow students to showcase their talent, network with industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the fashion world.

Student Support Services and Career Guidance

ITM offers comprehensive student support services and career guidance to help students navigate their academic and professional journey. The institute has a dedicated placement cell that assists students in finding internships, job opportunities, and entrepreneurial ventures. The cell conducts campus interviews, resume workshops, and mock interviews to prepare students for the job market.

ITM provides various other support services, such as counselling, mentoring, health and wellness, and accommodation. These services help students to overcome personal and academic challenges, stay motivated, and achieve their full potential.

Career Prospects for ITM Fashion Designing Graduates

ITM Fashion Designing graduates have a wide range of career prospects in the fashion industry, both in India and abroad. Some of the popular job roles and sectors for graduates are:

Fashion Designer: Designers create original and innovative designs for clothing, accessories, and footwear for different markets and customers. They work with various materials, techniques, and trends to create collections that reflect their vision and brand identity.

Merchandiser: Merchandisers are responsible for the planning, buying, and selling of fashion products for retail and wholesale markets. They analyze consumer behaviour, market trends, and sales data to make strategic decisions about inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Textile Designer: Textile designers create patterns, prints, and textures for different textile materials, such as fabrics, carpets, and wallpapers. They use various software and techniques to create designs that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the product.

Fashion Stylist: Stylists work with clients, models, and photographers to create visually appealing and impactful fashion images for various media, such as magazines, advertisements, and social media. They use their knowledge of fashion trends, colour theory, and styling techniques to create unique and memorable looks.

Entrepreneur: Many ITM Fashion Designing graduates choose to start their own fashion businesses, create their own brands or work as freelance designers or consultants. Entrepreneurial skills are emphasized in the program, and students are encouraged to develop their business insight, creativity, and innovation.

Fashion Retailing: Retailing is a popular sector for fashion design graduates, with opportunities in store management, visual merchandising, buying, and e-commerce. Graduates can work with fashion retailers, department stores, and luxury brands or start their retail ventures.

Fashion Marketing: Fashion marketing and communication is a dynamic and challenging sector that requires creativity, strategy, and communication skills. Graduates can work as brand managers, digital marketers, social media specialists, public relations professionals, or event organizers.

Costume Designer: Costume designers create costumes for films, theatre, television, and other media productions. They work closely with directors, producers, and actors to create costumes that fit the characters, time period, and narrative of the story.


If you have a passion for fashion and a desire to make a career in the industry, ITM's Bachelor of Fashion Design program can provide you with the skills, knowledge, and exposure you need to succeed. With its reputation, faculty expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive support services, ITM offers an unparalleled learning experience for aspiring fashion designers.

Moreover, the program's focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability reflects the changing needs and demands of the fashion industry and prepares graduates for a dynamic and competitive job market. By choosing ITM for your fashion designing courses, you can unleash your creativity, explore your potential, and make a difference in the world of fashion.

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