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A Design Career that Beats the Pandemic

Are you an undergraduate student and you are thinking to make your career as a designer? However, you are not sure which designing career will be perfect for you? Don’t worry. Today in this blog we have listed the 3 best designing careers for you. We will also discuss the best design school in Mumbai and the rest of India.


Fashion designing

Have you been fascinated by different styles of clothes and sometimes you tried to make your design for a dress. Then fashion designing will be a bright future for you. Nowadays, people are wearing different clothes every day. There is a new trend of clothes coming to the market every day. There is a huge need for a good fashion designer.

Of course, there a big competition in this field but if you are really a good fashion designer then the world will automatically recognize you and support you. There are two ways by which you can earn good money.


Doing your own business

Making your own fashion designing house may be a dream for you. You will get more freedom in your business than in your job. Also, it will have no boundaries of salaries. In its initial days, the payment will be less and may not be enough for running your fashion designing house. However, if you keep crafting good designs, your business will become more popular. Once your business gets popular, it will create a good profit for you.


Doing a Job

Doing a job is also a good option if you are looking for a safer career option. In a job, you will get a fixed amount of money as a salary for fixed hours of work. There is no chance of being scammed by people as there is in business. Also, you will have less responsibility in a job than in a business. The only disadvantage is that you will get a salary for what you work in the office. However, once your business runs, you will even earn while sleeping or doing any other work.


Interior designing

Do you love interior design and want to make a career in it? Interior designing these days is very popular. For becoming an interior designer, you need to have a wide range of information about different colors, textiles, fabrics, etc. There are many roles in interior designing such as furniture designing, light designing, textile designing, etc. Students choose their area of specialization according to their interests.


There are two ways by which you can call yourself a successful interior designer.


Doing a job

Most students prefer doing a job because it is more stable than a business. Also, it does not need any investment. The salary of a junior interior designer is around Rs 4 to 5 lakh per year. If you are a senior interior designer, the salary may be extended to 20 to 30 lakh per year. It will depend on your company and your qualification.


Doing a Business

Very few students choose to do a business because of many factors such as huge investments without profitable returns for a long time. Also, a business needs a lot of manpower to run it. In the initial days, the business is new and you will need a huge investment. Most students do not have a lot of money to invest. That is the reason why students discard the option of doing business.


VFX Designing

VFX designing offers a great number of job opportunities in India. It is a very popular designing career in foreign countries such as Japan and America. VFX stands for visual effects. In VFX designing, you will learn to take photos or video digitally without any natural content in it.

VFX plays a very important role in Movies, TV serials, and Gaming Content. Without it, movies will miss the action that makes many recent movies hugely successful. The career scope for a professional VFX designer is very bright in India. It is an exciting concept that’s very popular in Indian movies. If you are interested in making movies and gaming content, this may be the best career option for you. 

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