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All you need to know about the VFX course and its Exciting Career Prospects


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A Visual Effects Animation or VFX course offers a highly valued degree in today’s movie, animation, gaming, music and video industries. Post-production is a vital component of any audiovisual product. It is during this stage that VFX Animators give life to, enhance and beautify video footage with their advanced design and technical skills. 

In India, the VFX industry is growing each year. This has been fueled by our own entertainment industry and numerous international studios setting up production departments here. Fox and Disney are among these. Video-based digital platforms such as Youtube are also contributing to the growth of this sector. It is estimated that the VFX and Post-Production sectors will be worth almost USD 150 billion by 2024


Bachelor of Design - VFX and Animation   

The other reason for a VFX animation course being a good recommendation is that one does not have to wait till after graduation to begin VFX training. 

The Bachelor of Design - Animation and VFX course allows students to enter their chosen line in this area, right after their 12th. This saves time and money without scattering efforts.



Since VFX and Animation is a modern area of specialisation, it is driven by technology and the latest industry innovations. The essence of this sector lies in the latest tools and techniques. 

This makes the Bachelor of Design- VFX and Animation an advanced, practical and highly relevant course.

The curriculum in this BSc Animation and Multimedia course is wide and able to appeal to varying talents in this field. It includes Design Fundamentals, Camera and Composition, Matte Painting, Production Design, 3D CG, Motion Graphics, Media Laws and Ethics, Script Writing and much more. It also offers an Internship in an industry set-up for practical work experience.  


BSc in Animation and VFX

If you are already in the workforce and wish to change your career path to VFX and Animation, there is a 3-year professional animation and VFX course available for you. 

One can even opt for a VFX course straight after completing their 12th grade. 

This course is more advanced in nature and focuses on employability over training. Though the subjects are similar to the Bachelor of Design - VFX and Animation, the approach is to upskill industry professionals towards a promising career in VFX.

The average fee for a BSc Animation and Multimedia in India starts from INR 60,000 per year.

A BSc Animation and Multimedia course aims to teach students how to create characters and environments digitally to avoid spending excessive amounts of money and creating them in real life. These courses enable an individual to make full use of their creativity and express it through graphics and other tools. Students who aspire to make a career in animation can get their breakthrough by doing a VFX course and being offered jobs in the entertainment industry.


Career Prospects for Bachelor of Design VFX and Animation & BSc in Animation and VFX 

  • Visualizer
  • BG Modeler / Character Modeler
  • Texturing Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Graphic Designers
  • 2D / 3D Animator
  • Production Assistant
  • Illustrator
  • VFX S/B Artist
  • Match Movie Artist
  • FX Artist
  • Compositor
  • Matte Painter
  • Digital Lighting and Shading Artist
  • Motion Graphic Designer


Is VFX a Good Career Option in India?

Video Effects (VFX) is a part of the booming Animation and Multimedia industry in India and abroad. If you are interested in this line, a VFX course will help you to gain the needed knowledge and experience to succeed. 

The local VFX and Animation sectors are growing every year, even at the global level. The main drivers for this growth are increased mobile usage, spread of the internet and the high demand for cutting edge videos. Whether it's for movies, social media or streaming platforms, Indian VFx experts are needed by local and international production companies. 

In fact, top entertainment players such as Disney and Sony along with local production houses such as Red Chillies, Dharma Productions and Viacom 18 have been utilising the expertise of Indian animators for many years.


VFX courses in India

There are a host of institutes offering basic VFX and advanced VFx courses as well. 

The course fees vary for each institute, depending on the length of course, curriculum and ranking of university. 

The aptitude required to be a VFX artist is unique creativity, and the ability to tell a story well via imagery. 


VFX in India

In India, VFx is an exciting industry that is challenging, competitive and dynamic. 

Typically, in India one can become a Layout Artist, Lighting Artist, Composition Artist or a Matte Painting Artist. Starting salary can be in the range of 3 to 4 lacs per annum and advance to 10 to 20 lacs over time. One can work for a company, agency or as a freelancer. 

According to the latest trends, the Indian Animation and VFx industry will keep growing with advanced technology. The rise in digital users due to increased income and more affordable high-speed streaming and internet access is paving the path for more Indian users to access and enjoy video content more readily. This will create an increase in the demand for digital entertainment. Then more VFx And Animation experts will be needed to satisfy this demand.  

Plus, as international studios and filmmakers keep approaching India for its creative and technical talent, the need for experienced Animation, VFx and Gaming Developers will keep increasing. 

Hence, VFX is a great career to pursue in India, except that it is competitive so only the most qualified and talented will be able to succeed. Which is why a VFX animation course is a good idea if one wishes to enter this career line.

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