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A guide to fashion designing institute in Mumbai 2023


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"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham. 

Fashion has always played a crucial part in culture and society. From the time of being a basic need to the thing of luxury, fashion holds great power over our culture. Today fashion designing has become one of the most highly creative and in-demand careers in the world. Those who love creativity and have a knack for the latest dressings trends and wish to create something new in the world of vogue.

What's a fashion design course?

Fashion designing courses cover the making and production of outfits and adornments. From technical aspects of the course like pattern making & draping to computer-aided designs, you'll also get a chance to learn the marketing side of the business.

Where can I study fashion design?

Fashion design courses have emerged as the most sought-after career options for the Gen X generation. Creative minds from across the country are drawn to top fashion designing institutes such as IDM to pursue their passion. IDM is one of the top choices for those who wanna make their career in the industry. From providing world-class infrastructure to updating the curriculums and teaching methods with changing times.

Courses offered

B.Des in Fashion Design

One of the most popular course choices for students is B.Des for Fashion Design in which students learn about the historical and cultural importance of fashion, research, and critical approaches toward the creation of fashion. 

Major subjects

Fashion Styling

Fashion styling is the art and practice of styling clothes through their combination to create aesthetically pleasing looks that are also appropriate for the occasion that the wearer is participating in.

Fashion Marketing

Fashion marketing is a specialised sector of the fashion industry that focuses on finding target groups for advertising and figuring out how to reach them. Although those in fashion marketing typically work to establish brands, advertising campaigns, and other promotions, they may also assist with price points.

Technical Design

Technical design simply consists of the study of hands-on patternmaking, specification review and technical sketching, live model fittings, PLM, Accumark computerised pattern making, 3D fit, and production.

Garment Design

Garment design is the integration of all design elements, such as colouring, contour, room, lines, layout, silhouette, form, proportion, stability, emphasis or focal point, tempo, and harmony.

Fashion journalism, research, and fashion history are also major subjects in the curriculum. 


After completing your 10+2 in any field you can apply for B.Des. In any top fashion designing institute.

Career prospects after Fashion Design

Fashion Designer

Fashion designing courses have become a popular choice for candidates who aspire to make an established career in the world of fashion. Not only has the field been trending with the digital revolution, but the job holds a major influence in society. Fashion designers hold influence on how people look but their vision also decides how our culture is taking shape. Their main responsibility is to design apparel for Men, Women, and Children which includes outerwear, innerwear, sportswear, eyewear, footwear, formalwear and maternity wear. Many designers also design scarves, handbags, hats, custom-made premium designed cases for mobile brands, and other accessories.

Costume Designer

A costume designer creates and designs the clothing and accessories worn by the actors in a film, television series, or theatrical production. Their primary responsibility is to convey the respective character's identity through their clothing. One of the first things viewers notice when watching a movie, television series, or theatre is their apparel, which gives them an idea of the story that is about to unfold. To be able to do justice to this costume designers need to be able to tap into their inner artist, researcher, sociologist, historian, actor, and psychologist. Costume designers hold one of the most challenging responsibilities as professionals in the movies or TV series their work in during pre-production and during production.


An illustrator is a two-dimensional artist who works in a variety of fields and industries, including advertising, technical designs, websites, medical manuals, and fashion design. The illustrator will utilise a variety of methods to produce effects, including the starkness of black and white, the vibrancy of colour, and the use of light and shadow. Typically, an illustrator will be commissioned or paid to create a visual depiction of a text or idea. The workflow of an illustrator goes through several stages. There are different types of illustrators in different industries like: Product Illustrators, Storyboard illustrators/artists, Book illustrators, Editorial illustrators, and Fashion illustrators.

Fashion Advisors

Although fashion advisors frequently perform a wide range of daily tasks, improving one's wardrobe is typically their major responsibility. They also offer advice on accessories as well as assist clients in selecting clothing styles that are suited for a number of settings, including both personal and professional ones. Fashion advisors may also assist clients with organising their closets and managing tasks like buying new clothes. For fashion consultants, a variety of career options are typically available. Individual consulting, which mainly entails working one-on-one with solitary clients, is one of the most prominent careers.

Fashion Journalist

A fashion journalist typically reports on the latest fashion trends. This typically means reporting on fashion-related television shows. Fashion journalists also write about and report on fashion news. Many of the responsibilities of a fashion journalist are similar to those of other journalists. These duties include gathering information through research or interviews, as well as writing stories for publications or media outlets.

Major Recruiters

After completing your degree from any top fashion designing colleges in Mumbai you can make your career in these major fashion companies

  • Raymonds
  • Arvind Garments
  • Levis
  • Madura Garments
  • Modelama Exports
  • Omega Designs
  • Orient Craft
  • Pantaloon
  • Proline
  • Shahi Exports
  • Span India
  • Spykar
  • Swarovski India
  • Uni Style India
  • Texport Overseas
  • Snapdeal


After completing your graduation in fashion design from any top institute you can earn anywhere between 35K to 200k per month.  


Fashion design is gaining popularity among creatives since there are many opportunities in this fiercely competitive field, both in India and abroad. The prospects available to students when they complete their specialised Design courses are numerous. They can develop their businesses and sell their goods on the market, work in the fashion industry, or manufacturing and exporting facilities.

Programs Offered