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A Career in Designing to Beat Pandemic Blues


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A career in Professional Designing is slightly off-beat. However, it is an excellent option that allows you to pursue artistic interests as a career and profession. Thinking that a design career is mostly about art and artistic skills can be wrong. A modern design professional has to work under a set of strict parameters where functionality and use of design software are everyday realities.


To be able to make a successful career as a professional designer requires a systematic study and practice of different tools and techniques used in the profession. So, which is the Best Design College in Mumbai?


Somehow, the course content of a design study requires classroom education as one of the prerequisites. It is just not the lectures but also the interaction among the students and with the teachers that form an important component of a design study. Frequent interactions and collaborations with fellow students on different projects help the design students think in many different directions.


This is something that is not possible when the students are studying in a standalone manner such as in an online class. For a design student, it’s important to understand the importance of diverse skills, viewpoints, and perspectives. This makes a designer mature and his work consummate. All these elements in a design study are possible only at the Best Design College in Mumbai -- the ITM- IDM.


How can You Start a Career in Designing despite the Pandemic?

Right now, we are in the middle of a surging pandemic and it’s claiming thousands of lives on a daily basis. Opening the campus and inviting students for classroom education is full of risk. The government has imposed strict restrictions that include mandatory closure of all educational institutions. Given this background, how can design students continue with their education?


Well, odds are extremely high but both students and educational institutions need to show vision and determination to overcome the odds.


What Can Institutions Do?

Educational institutions should keep their campuses ready to accept students whenever the restrictions are lifted and academic activities are allowed. The institutions should install all necessary equipment such as a walkthrough sanitization gate and infrared thermometers to ensure that it does not contribute to the spread of the virus.


Besides, the campuses should be sanitized with regular spraying of disinfectants. Handwash and hand sanitizers should be kept in the washrooms and outside the rooms frequented by people. This would ensure a higher standard of sanitization for everybody within the campus.


Institutions can also ask their staff and students to get vaccinated and produce the vaccination certificate. They may also ask regular visitors to produce Covid-negative certificates.


What Can Students Do?

Students should know that losing an academic year for the fear of Covid-19 is not a great decision. Rather, they should take all necessary precautions such as vaccination and social distancing. This would ensure they don’t get infected. Nor do they contribute to the spread of the deadly virus.


They should keep researching the institutions and programs they are most likely to join. For example, a design career can be in any of the following fields: fashion design, interior design, graphics design, animation, and VFX. ITM Institute of Design and Media offers bachelor’s programs in all of these fields.


They should also begin with the admission process. For example, they can fill-up the form, take the entrance test or interview, and write the scholarship test. These steps would ensure that they don’t need to frantically run around when the admissions begin. They can use the time now to complete the formalities so that whenever the classes begin, they can get on with their normal academic life. 


Design Career is Pandemic-resistant  

A career in design studies can be pandemic-resistant, meaning you can have regular work even during the pandemic. As a design professional can work from his home, he can have a regular flow of work, especially where the internet is the end-user of the work. For example, design professionals can be useful in maintaining e-commerce sites and digital marketing initiatives. A designer can do these jobs from his home itself. However, to be a good designer who can deliver the best, one must study at the best design college in Mumbai such as the ITM Institute of Design and Media.


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