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A universe of opportunities opens up when one considers taking Human Resource Management courses after graduating high school. HRM courses are equivalent to a manual for individuals interested in learning how people collaborate in the workplace. This period of your academic career is imperative as the decision you make now will aid you in building and shaping your future. Understanding the ins and outs of people management is a crucial competency in any business, which you can learn from this management course. 

Human resource management courses are intended to mould you into a competent HR specialist capable of handling the rigours of the corporate world. These courses provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to manage and assist a workforce, covering a wide range of issues from labour legislation to organizational behaviour. The course involves learning how to lead, comprehend, and collaborate with teams so that they are an integral component of the organization's ubiquitous goals. Therefore, human resource management courses are your route to a fulfilling and purposeful profession if you are interested in the art and science of managing people. 

Human Resource Management Courses After 12th Overview 

Human Resource (HR) courses impart knowledge and skills related to managing an organization's workforce, including hiring, onboarding, remuneration, and regulatory compliance. Numerous Indian colleges provide HR certification as well as bachelor's and master's degrees. 


Human Resource Management Courses After 12th Highlights

Course Type Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Online
Duration of course Certificate: weeks to months, Diploma:1 - 2 years, UG:3 years
Eligibility 50% aggregate marks in Class 12 from a recognized institute.
Fees Certificate: INR 10,000 - INR 1,50,000| Diploma: INR 3,000 - INR 3,00,000| UG: INR 25,000 - INR 6,000
Top recruiters Adani Group, Accenture Strategy, Aditya Birla Group, Deloitte India, ITC 
Career prospects Recruitment, HR Generalist, HR Consultant, HR Executive, HR Associate, Office administrator, etc.
Average Salary INR 2.92 lakhs to INR 7.03 lakh per annum

What is Human Resource Management? 

Training programmes in human resource management teach students how to lead others in the workplace. Numerous crucial subjects for HR professionals are covered in these courses, including designing HR strategies, employing and retaining personnel, training, compensation and benefits, labour legislation, and how organizations operate. In these classes, students examine how coworkers interact and learn how to create a positive, productive work environment.  

Practical skills, including effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership, are taught in the classes. HRM courses equip individuals with the skills necessary to manage the rigours of working in large organizations, assisting them in attracting, retaining, and developing a skilled workforce. These courses lay the groundwork for a successful career in human resource management, regardless of the student's level of education, from college to graduate school.  


Benefits of Pursuing a Human Resource Management Courses After 12th:  

Human resource management is an excellent field for those who wish to work in human resources or HR support in a famous organization. To effectively perform their duties at the management level, aspirants must acquire competence in human resource management. A Human Resource Management course after 12th will help you with the following things: 

  • Boosting knowledge and abilities
  • Gaining a worldwide perspective
  • Increase your networking opportunities
  • Develop your ability to adjust to change
  • Improve your career
  • Possibility of influencing organizational success

A quality programme will often include multiple subjects aimed at improving the individual. 


Skills required for Human Resource Management Courses after the 12th 

When searching for human resource management courses after your 12th grade, there are a few key competencies that you should generally possess beforehand. These abilities may also be used as qualifications for HR managers. Listed below are a few of the frequently needed skills: 

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Leadership Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Tech Savviness

Even though these abilities are crucial, lacking them does not render you ineffective or inappropriate for the course. These are the kinds of abilities that you can learn. So, relish the process of learning! 


What Is The Scope Of Human Resource Management? 

1. Recruiting and Hiring: The task of hiring candidates for open positions inside businesses has been assigned to Human Resource Management (HRM/HR).  

2. Onboarding, Orientation, and Induction: Human Resource Management (HRM/HR) is tasked with educating new hires on the standards of conduct and corporate culture.  

3. Training and Development: Human Resource Management (HRM/HR) is responsible for initiating and providing staff development opportunities.  

4. Compensation / Remuneration: Human Resource Management (HRM/HR) oversees employee salary discussions.  

5. Redressing Employee Grievances: The task of resolving employee grievances has been assigned to Human Resource Management (HRM/HR).  

6. Employee Satisfaction and Retention: HR, or human resource management, ensures that employees are delighted and stay with the company.  


Top Human Resource Management Courses After 12th 

1. Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies Honors Specialization - Human Resource Management 

About the Course: There are numerous advantages to considering social science as an aspect of business. Industry titans use most of these advantages to build an unanticipated workforce infrastructure. The Human Resource Management course in the Bachelor of Management and Organisational Studies Honours Specialisation is made to meet this need from the market. You will learn about the human aspect of the organization through an evidence-based approach in this course.  

Duration of Course: Four Years  

Career prospects: Human Resource (HR) Generalist, Operation Manager, Management Consultant, Executive Director 


2. Bachelor of Business Administration - Employment Relations 

About the Course: The whole picture of the corporate environment is something that most schools overlook. They are either not as good at creating a collaborative environment as they could be or don't have a competitive academic department to match real-world strategies. This circumstance can be balanced with a business course in employment relations with one of the best HR courses after 12th -the Bachelor of Business Administration. This course offers the ideal fusion of competitive academics and an excellent team/collaborative environment.  

Duration of Course: Four Years  

Career prospects: Employment Relations Specialist, Human Resource (HR) Manager, Project Manager (Unspecified Type/General), Office Manager 


3. Bachelor of Business (People Management) 

About the Course:  Human intervention is projected to remain a significant part of all industrial activities despite all the talk of automation and artificial intelligence. Having people management abilities is absolutely essential for your corporate career. The Bachelor of Business (People Management) course provides critical knowledge and skills for people management.  

Duration of Course: Three Years  

Career Prospects: Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor, Customer Service Manager, General Manager 


4. Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Conjoint - Employment Relations and Org Studies 

About the Course:  Employers find candidates with a diverse range of opinions and skill sets to be very appealing. Generally speaking, concurrent programmes give you both quantitative and qualitative skills. Having said that, employers will find that the Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Conjoint - Employment Relations and Organisation Studies fulfils more requirements than they would with a standard conjoint course.  

Duration of Course: Four Years  

Career prospects: Human Resource (HR) Manager, Human Resource (HR) Generalist, Human Resource (HR) Business Partner, Human Resource (HR) Specialist 


5. Bachelor of Management in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations:  

About The Course: The perfect HR management course aims to create capable, well-organized, and culturally aware human resource (HR) professionals. In addition to producing above-average HR professionals, a bachelor's degree in human resource management and labour relations guarantees that students are knowledgeable in subjects like talent management, performance management, employment law, health and safety, training and development, etc. 

Duration of Course: Four Years 

Career Prospects: Office Administrator, Customer Support Manager, Recruiter, Payroll Manager 


6. Bachelor of Business Management/Economics Major in Human Resources 

About The Course: A Bachelor of Business Management/Economics Major in Human Resources may prepare you the best to become the ideal HR professional who can build, lead, and expand a company. This course will not only help you think like an economist and forecast market direction but also help you understand how the general population makes decisions. 

Duration of Course: Four Years 

Career Prospects: Data Analyst, Accounting Manager, Financial Controller, Office Manager 


7. Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Psychological Science - Human Resources Management 

About the Course: 

Psychology would be the first field that comes to mind when asked what field goes hand in hand with business. Since people, both internal and external, are the foundation of the company, understanding people's behaviours and traits is becoming increasingly important. You may combine the best aspects of psychology and business with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Psychological Science in Human Resources Management education. 

Duration of Course: Four Years 

Career Prospects: Director Of Operations, Administrative Assistant, Human Resource (HR) Specialist, Chief of Staff 


8. BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Law: 

About the Course: 

The final human resource management course recommendation is BA Honours in HRM and Law in conjunction with legislation. You may gain an understanding of the HR process's legal side and comprehend theories and techniques to simplify the complex process by enrolling in the BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Law programme.  

Duration of Course: Three Years 

Career prospects: Human Resource (HR) Manager, Legal Assistant, Senior Auditor, Operations Manager 


Human Resource Courses After 12th: Job Profiles and Top Recruiters 

Job Profiles & Experience: 

Entry-Level (0-3 years): HR Assistant, Recruitment Specialist, Employee Relations Specialist. 

Mid-Level (3-7 years): HR Generalist, Training and Development Specialist, Compensation and Benefits Specialist. 

Senior-Level (7+ years): HR Manager, HR Director, Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). 

Top Recruiters: Top recruiters across various industries actively seek qualified HR professionals, including: 

  • ABC Consultants
  • TeamLease Services Ltd
  • Careernet
  • ACE Consultants
  • Hewitt Associates
  • Adecco Staffing
  • India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ManpowerGroup Services India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ikya Human Capital and hundreds more companies across diverse sectors.


Human Resource Management Courses After 12th Salary 

Those who have completed courses in human resource management can easily obtain employment in corporate settings. All candidates' salaries are determined by their qualifications and experience. A fresher typically receives between 3 and 6 LPA. The degree you hold also affects your pay; applicants with a certificate in HR management will receive less money than those who apply after finishing a diploma programme in HR management following their 12th grade.  


How to Become an HR Manager after 12th? 

Pursuing an HR management course after 12th is the best way to start your journey of becoming a successful HR Manager in future. However, any graduation course will only enable you to begin your journey in the HRM field. A manager-level job requires previous experience. A minimum of three to five years of employee relations experience and a basic understanding of human resources can help you become an HR manager. You can climb the stairs of success with extensive industry experience and a master's degree. Applying for an MBA in Human Resources is the ideal way to become an HR Manager by preparing for management roles in the HR field.


MBA in HR Management At ITM  

ITM University offers a range of programs designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and industry exposure necessary to succeed. The MBA in HRM program by ITM is designed to perfection so the aspirants enrolling in the course could have a thriving future once they enter the professional world. Browse through our website to learn about the MBA in HR program.

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The world of Human Resource Management is a vibrant and ever-evolving landscape, offering numerous opportunities for individuals passionate about fostering positive work environments and empowering people. By exploring Human Resource Management courses after 12th, you can equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, skills, and foundation to embark on a fulfilling career in this dynamic field. Remember, continuous learning, building strong networks, and actively seeking practical experience are crucial elements for success in the HR field. So, take the first step towards your HR aspirations, explore diverse educational pathways, and set yourself on a path to making a real difference in the lives of others and the success of organizations.

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What qualification is required for HR? 

The first step in any course or programme related to human resources is earning a diploma in HRM. You can then pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Additionally, some applicants express interest in pursuing a dual degree programme such as the BBA-MBA or PGDM and MBA in HR.  

What are the top courses in human resource management after grade 12th? 

Some of the popular courses for HR are listed below: 

  • Diploma in HRM
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BA HRM
  • Human Resources
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • MBA Human Resource
  • Master of HRM
  • Employee manager
  • Compensation Manager

Can I pursue a diploma in HR management after the 12th? 

A one-year certificate programme in the field of human resources and management is the Diploma in Human Resource Management. The course can be pursued after completing a recognized central or state board programme in any stream at the 10+2 level. 

What is the HR management course duration after the 12th? 

The course duration differs according to the course program: 

  • Undergraduate: 3 Years
  • Postgraduate: 2 Years
  • Diploma: 1 Year

What is the prerequisite for HRM courses after 12th? 

Candidate needs to have 50% or more overall in Class 12 or an equivalent exam from a certified state or central board to apply for a Diploma or A bachelor's degree in HR programs.  

Programs Offered