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How to pass final year examinations


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From the last two years the students didn’t experience offline exams and now finally they are exposed to final year examinations.

In this article we are going to learn how to give final year exams, what to do and what not to do.

How to prepare well for final year examinations?

1- Before final year examination comes Practicals and Vivas. Reach out to your 10-12 batchmates who appeared for practicals and vivas before you, ask them what questions were asked in that, and take advice from them and at last prepare a list of questions asked to them and try to find out their answers and prepare them.

2.Search for online PDFs or notes through which you can go through and get yourself prepared for the final year examination.

3- Never mess with your Professor. Showing coolness in front of your professors can make a bad impression of you so always try to be in good books of Professors or at least try to be neutral, never throw a negative impact of yourself upon the Professors because he/she is the only one who will decide how much marks to give you in internals and that's going to affect the final year examinations.

4- Always be prepared with resources such as date sheets, examination room, seat number etc. Never mess up with the resources, always be prepared with your examination stuff one or two days before final year examination.

5. Get a printout of your admit card or hall ticket one day prior to final year examination to avoid a hectic time period just one or two hour before final year examination.

6- Take a proper sleep during the final year examination, don't lose your sleep schedule because it affects the next upcoming examination because you will again study the whole night. 

7- One month Before appearing for the final year examination. Take advice from your seniors and senior professors and approach them for previous year question papers and paper patterns because mostly question papers are set on the basis of previous year question papers.

8. Create flashcards and make precise notes for preparing well for final year examination.

9. Keep connections with study groups, toppers and get involved with scholars of the class for important questions and topics which they got from Professors.

10. Make a list of important terms, concepts and ideas for a quick reason at the last moment.

11. Teach a friend at the time of final year examination that will help you to revise things in a better way and will clear the concepts more efficiently.

12. Going to office hours is a service that most students are either too lazy or too afraid to avail of. However, most professors are delighted to see students taking an interest and will be more than happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have.

13. Make proper use of maps, charts and grapes while presenting your answers in the final year examination.

14. Test yourself. Once you have covered all of the material that is likely to come up in the final exam, you should consider doing some practice tests. Doing practice tests is an excellent way to test your knowledge and understanding of the material.

The seven most basic important things to note for the preparation of final year examinations-

1. Distractions Lead to Destructions

What you have to do is to uninstall all the OTT platforms from your gadgets before your final year examinations. Uninstall all the useless things from your gadgets which are not related or useful for your final exams such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, games etc everything. Anything in your gadgets which you have installed for your entertainment or time pass which are not related to your studies uninstall them as soon as possible until you are done with your final year examination.

2. Best time to study

What is the best and proper time to study so that one can remember it for a long period of time.

The proper and best time to study is in the early morning from 4am to 8am. According to Indian mythology this time period is considered as a golden period for studies. The 3 hours of early morning is equivalent to 10 hours of study the whole day. As in early morning our brains are calm and it grabs things  very quickly. One can study in the daytime also but early timings are best. For waking up early in the morning one has to sleep early at night by avoiding electronic gadgets.

3. Organize The Study Space

We are able to focus and study at our best when we are in a pleasant, calm and comfortable environment. The table or the place where you are studying should not have a lot of stuff spread over.. The books and studies should be organized in a proper manner.Choose a place where sunlight and fresh air comes easily because they play an important role to keep us active.

4. Take regular breaks During Your Studies

Human brains function best when they are given breaks periodically. Our brain functions well when we give regular intervals of breaks to it. Avoid continuous studies of 65-8 hours because the very first hour in which we study and the 6th and 8th hour in which we study differs a lot as in the 8th hour our brain gets tired and does not grasp things like in the 1st hour. Therefore, the best way to utilize our brain is by giving it breaks periodically.

Now what to do during breaks. So, during breaks go for outdoor activities or exercises rather sit5ting and watching movies, series or playing games on gadgets because they all are distractions.

5. Go Through Previous Year Exams Question Paper before appearing for your final year examinations-

Once we finished our syllabus we should go through the previous year question papers because through them we get to know the paper pattern and the type of questions which are demanded in the examination and also we come to know the weightage of every topic in the examination.. Thus, we can plan and prepare accordingly. It also exposes us to the level of our preparation.

6.Revise Again

Revision is a must for anyone who is appearing for any examination. The things which you have prepared revise them again and again to memorize them properly. Revise everything you prepared one week before, one day before and also one hour before final year examination.

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