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An Executive MBA is different from that of an MBA degree. Though both are two-year PG programs, the prerequisites differ. The program is designed for candidates having extensive work experience of up to 10 years. However, that isn’t the case with an MBA, you can pursue the course with having just 5 years of working experience, in some cases candidates having work experience of up to 2 years are also eligible. 

People tend to believe an Executive MBA Program, holds more value than the standard MBA Degree. The fact is, both hold equal value and have the same impact on our resumes but fulfill two distinct purposes.

How is an Executive MBA degree different?

The key features that make it different from a regular MBA Program are

  • Admission process - The program doesn’t require a GMAT score to get you in. However, if you haven’t pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business, that’s when your GMAT score plays a crucial role. It makes you eligible to pursue the Executive MBA Program.
  • Course Duration - The course duration could vary at different institutions. Traditionally it is a 2-year part-time program held on weekends that can be done along with working full-time. This makes pursuing an Executive MBA program all the more convenient.
  • Course Fees - Since candidates pursuing the program are mainly full-time working employees, they are able to fund themselves and in some cases, the employers pay for them. At the end of the day, the skills acquired by the candidate prove to be beneficial for the employer and the organization itself. So the return on investment is quite high.
  •  Change in lifestyle - As the Executive MBA training program is held largely on weekends, you need not stay around the campus all week long. Making it easier for you to switch between your job and learning, as time demands.

So, if you wish to work and pursue an MBA simultaneously, then an Executive MBA Program will be your right ally.

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