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Hotel Management course: Trending Career Options


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A hotel management course is the most attractive option for students to choose. The industry is evolving every day by bringing in various trends. It is said to be one of the fastest-growing industries with abundant opportunities for young professionals. 

The hotel management course you choose teaches you different skills and techniques that are required to work in various departments of a hotel. It enables you to adapt to the changing trends of the industry. The 3-4 years you spent learning the course builds your overall knowledge and skills. It includes subjects like food & beverage, Culinary, Room Division Management, etc 

The hospitality industry is an ever-growing industry. Hotel and tourism is the most important sector in the hospitality industry. There is a lot of glamour in the industry,  as there are celebrities and high-profile people regularly availing services of the hospitality industry. 

In this course, students learn communication skills which is the topmost requirement of the industry. In the duration of 3 years, the hotel management course focuses on the personality building of the student. The idea behind this is to make the students come out as professionals of the hospitality industry. 

This is the right time to think about making a career in hospitality. The Hotel Industry is looking for young professionals like you who can blend in easily. However, to learn about the sector one must choose an institute that will provide the knowledge and training. The basic requirement from a hotel management institute is to have the infrastructure in place to train the students. 


Where should you study this course?

A hotel management institute plays an important role in shaping the career of a student. There are various hotel management courses offered by the institute. However, one must research before choosing a course as well as the institute. To make the process easier we are sharing details of an Institute that is highly recommended. 

ITM-IHM programs have the most attractive programs designed for the students. Under IHM vertical the institute offers 6 hotel management courses to choose from. The curriculum of all these 6 courses is tailor-made considering the latest trends of that particular area. The Institute offers global opportunities with its Bachelors of Arts in International Culinary Arts, and Bachelors of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism Management. The students receive international certifications that are valued in the hospitality industry. 

ITM Hotel Management Institute has an amazing infrastructure designed with the latest technology. It has a different kitchen for basic, quantity, and advanced training, also a dedicated kitchen to conduct confectionery and patisserie practicals. Not only that, you will see the institute taking part in arranging events and other initiatives to keep the student engaged. There is no doubt you will experience an amazing campus life when you join ITM-IHM. Enroll today and build a promising future with the best Hotel Management Institute in Mumbai, India. 


Here are some of the technological innovations recently made in the Hospitality Industry. 

Many sectors faced extreme difficulties due to the pandemic. But the Hospitality sector was the most affected of them all. For months the sector was not receiving any business, as none of us were prepared for what needs to be done when a situation like this arises. After months of research and changes, there were various technology innovations made in the sector. This helped to enhance a safe customer experience. Hotel Management Course students need to know the latest developments made in the industry. Below is the list of Initiatives taken by the hospitality industry.

  • Online Check-in

Gone are the days when the hotels used to perform physical check-in. With the latest software and tools, there is an option where the guest can check-in via mobile. This has helped a lot in improving the customer experience at the time of their arrival. It also helps in saving plenty of time as the process is much easier

It is said that first impressions are the most important impression as it builds the image of a hotel. During a hotel management course, you will understand in-depth why customer experience is an important aspect of the service industry. 

  • Digital Payment 

Contactless Payment is one of the trending innovations made in the world of technology. It has benefited the hospitality industry up to a great extent. It has also helped speed up the process of making payments easier and faster. Most of the restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, even small vendors use digital payment mode. There is no exchange of physical currency as every transaction is performed online. 

  • Chatbots in the hotel industry

The use of Chatbots is increasing rapidly in every industry. This technology has helped service industries reply to the queries of their customers much faster.  No matter the time zone, chatbots are a 24/7 service available for the customers. The amazing part of having a chatbot is that it covers most of the frequently asked questions. It does not a human involvement in the process of replying. 

  • Automation (IoT)

 A good Hotel Management Institute will give you knowledge about the latest technologies. It will also keep you updated with the innovations made in the hotel industry. Automation has changed the whole dynamics of the hotel industry. You require a simple gesture or command to be made for the amenities of the hotel to function. 

Guests can automatically adjust the room temperature, switch on and off the lights, open and shut the curtains and many more. This has helped a lot in improving customer satisfaction and experience. Not only that, there has been a significant improvement in consuming energy. 

  • Online booking and Cyber Security

With the help of technology, there are various applications have been developed to make online bookings. This has improved the booking process, as now it is much easier to book hotels, compare prices online, and get the best deals. There is software used in hotels to track the online booking made by guests. A hotel management course gives you hands-on experience of the software used by hotels. 

However, the use of online booking applications has increased concerns about securing customer’s data. This is why you will see hotel management courses teaching students the importance of keeping customer information confidential. 

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