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The competition for jobs in India is very high. To be able to find a job and maintain it, you need some valuable skills or domain expertise. Once you are in the job, you need to continuously update your knowledge and boost your key skills to remain ahead of the competition at the workplace. 

No matter what your background or professional goal is, an executive MBA or EPGPM (Executive Post Graduate Program in Management) can always help you in your career. 

Executive Education Courses are meant for working professionals and they are designed to boost your leadership qualities and business skills. This helps both you and your organization as you bring a more confident and professional leadership interventions to your jobs. 


Why You Need a Mid-career Academic Program

After a few years into your job, you find the zing is missing and the job looks routine and mundane. You find you lack the drive to motivate the people around you and make them work for better results. You know you needs something but then don’t what it is until somebody tells that you to go for further education. Eureka, suddenly you know what you were missing all these recent years. 

You need to go back to the classroom and eliminate the knowledge gap that you have developed in the past few years. You need to meet new people, develop a stronger professional network, and get some new perspectives on what has become routine at your workplace. You need to bring the zing back into your work life. And, you can do this by understanding the need for acquiring new professional competencies to fight off mediocrity and lack of initiative.    

If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to tackle the inertia in your career through new professional competencies, your leadership might take a brazen and haughty approach. This can be undoing of what you have achieved so far in your professional life. So, you must take the path of progress and enroll in an executive professional development program such as MBA or PGPM.

An Executive MBA or EPGPM program offers specialization in many different management functions -- both traditional and modern. For example, you can find executive education courses in management offering specializations in HRM, Finance, Marketing, and also in Business Analytics, FinTech, Data Science. 

So, if you were thinking that you needed more skills in a particular area of management functions, you can opt for specialization in that particular branch of management study. For example, you can choose Business Analytics or FinTech for your MBA specialization if you think you need to improve your knowledge and understanding of these important and emerging sectors.



Makes You a Better Leader 

There are many advantages of doing an Executive MBA program. For example, it enhances your knowledge and skills to bring it at par with some who has recently joined the work with a similar academic background. But more importantly, it equips you with some critical analytical, business, and leadership qualities that can transform the way you have been working so far.

Your Experience Helps You to Learn and Experiment 

Because you are a working professional who understands the work environment and the different dynamics that are at play, you will be able to realize the importance of various business and management concepts being taught more easily than others. Since you are also working you can experiment at your workplace what new you have learnt in the classroom.  You can see the efficacy of the new things and concepts you learn in your course.  

Learning from Other Students 

What can leave traditional MBA in pale in contrast to Executive MBA is the quality and experience of the students. As most of the participants are likely to be working professionals, each is going to bring his or her work experience to the classroom. It’s also possible that some of your classmates are top-level professionals in their own right and they have joined the course to boost their knowledge and skills in a particular area of business management.  

Where to Study 

Executive education courses such can put your stagnant career on a fast-track. Executive MBA and EPGPM are some of the best executive education programs. You can study these programs at ITM Executive Education Center, which offers EPGPM programs at 5 different locations – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. It also offers Executive MBA program through ITM University Raipur. These Executive Education Programs will rekindle your interest in your career and make you perform better at your workplace. 

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