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As we live in a technology-driven era, industries evolve everyday. To cope up with such advancement, the responsibilities of a data analyst comes into the picture. The data analyst is in charge of data collection and performing analysis statistically on the data. As a data analyst, their goals include inspecting data strategically and deriving solutions out of them. The skills of a data analyst comes into use when you’re just starting off as an analyst and have yet to decide which field in the data analytical career you wish to progress into. 


Opportunities as a Data Analyst 

  • Data Engineer- As a data engineer you will design and implement the structured data. The job responsibilities of a data engineer are different from that of a big data analytics career. However, the skills required are the same as those required of a data analyst. Hence, it is really important to pursue a data analytics course.
  • Data Scientist - A data scientist’s duties are a combination of duties performed by a data engineer, data management professional, machine learning specialist and a data analyst. A data scientist is in charge of the overall functionality and to sum it up with a conclusion. In addition to that, a data scientist should have excessive domain knowledge to research the received data, rightly. Therefore,a data scientist must receive a data science certification to be termed as a qualified professional.
  • Machine Learning - A machine learning expert inspects the data collected. The expert should also be fluent in understanding statistical data and coding algorithms. Therefore, programming and statistics are the essential skills a machine learning professional should possess.
  • Business Analyst - If framing big data, analysing and interpreting accumulated data and formulating database queries is your forte, then you should look forward to becoming a professional business analyst. In order to be a qualified professional all you need to do is pursue a business analyst course to help you acquire the right skills before you step out on the field.

A Data Analytics career could lead you to endless possibilities. The growing need for data analysts proves that this is a booming career. So take the right course, gain the right skills to flourish in your desired field.

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