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B.C.A or BSc IT, What to choose after 12th


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Since the 12th results are now out, the next stage lies in deciding which career option to choose. Many students get confused because of the enormous choices at hand. Today we are here to discuss one such frequently doubted choice of all times.- 

BCA or B. Sc. IT - which one’s better?

  • But first, let’s get to know some common facts-

BCA stands for Bachelors in Computer Applications, and B. Sc. IT for Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

  • They both are 3-year undergraduate courses, stating the same eligibility for students.
  • Both these courses are from the Technical Industry. They deal with technical Computer knowledge and its implementation.
  • Many Universities and Institutes offer these undergraduate programs.
  • They offer well-paid jobs and are fast- progressing in companies.
  • The demand for them is equally high as today’s digital world is in need of more IT Professionals.
  • They are hugely popular career choices, both in India and abroad.

So, lastly, it comes down to certain key differentiating factors that will actually help you in deciding which way to go. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Learnings -

B. Sc. IT studies deal with the Internet, Database Management, core areas include Operating System, Data Structure, Database Applications, etc. All these elements form the HARDWARE component. 


BCA Studies deal with Computer Applications, Professional Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. These elements form the SOFTWARE part of Computer Learning. 


  • Job Acquirement - 

Students holding a B. Sc. IT Degree have advanced job opportunities in Database Operations & management and Internet Technology.


Students with a BCA Degree are favored for jobs such as Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Programmer, Software Developer. They are mostly offered jobs in Corporate Sectors.


  • Future Preference - 

Those who want to further venture in Academics and Disciplinary Research, opt for Bachelors of Science in Information Technology,


People looking for a stable corporate job can select Bachelors in Computer Application.


  • Advance Knowledge - 

The BCA curriculum provides vivid knowledge in financial accounting and operation management. 


B. Sc. IT Degree syllabus only deals with Database and Operations Management.

Final Verdict - 

This was our research on differentiating the two undergraduate programs. Please choose wisely based on your career interests and goals. Analyze the above-mentioned facts to get a clear understanding and make your decision. One thing is for sure, whether you choose Bachelors of Science in Information Technology or Bachelors in Computer Application course after 12th, the success rate for both is guaranteed

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