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7 Things Parents should Do to Ensure Covid-safety at Campus


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Education is very important for every young man and woman. It can’t be ignored without jeopardizing the future of these people. But how can parents send their grown-ups to colleges when the Covid-19 pandemic is claiming thousands of lives every day in the country?

This is a big and serious question and it holds the key to the shape and form of education in the coming days. Parents have a huge role to play in how the education industry shapes up and copes up with the new challenges.

Well, the pandemic is a reality and we have to fight it with all our might. That’s for sure! Safety and precautions are paramount in ensuring safe classroom education. While all institutions will claim to have safe campuses, what should parents check and ensure before sending their kids to colleges?


Here are a few things parents can do to ensure their children go to a safer campus.

1. Parents often indulge in research on topics such as ITM PGDM review. Now, they should also search about an individual institution’s Covid-safety preparedness. Are the institutions deploying adequate safety measures to ensure no one on the campus contracts the dreaded virus? This is an important query that parents must find a satisfactory reply to before heading for enrollment.

2. They can visit the institution’s site, for example, www itm edu pgdm, and check out what additional measures have been taken to make the campus fully safe against Covid-19. They would anyway visit the institution’s website for other information. They can do this for Covid-safety as well. This will give them an idea about the sincerity of the institution’s efforts to fight the pandemic.  

3. The institution runs many courses from the same campus. For example, ITM Business School runs 12 different PGDM courses from the ITM Navi Mumbai campus. The parents should choose a campus that looks the safest from the Covid point of view. They can go for alternatives if their preferred choice of specialization is not available at the campus they think is the safest.  

4. The parents should ask the college administration for a complete list of steps taken to ensure safety against Covid-19. They should study the list and check if all possible and pragmatic measures are included in the list. If they find something missing, they must bring it to the knowledge of the college.

5. When they are doing ITM PGDM review in terms of curriculum, infrastructure, fees, and so on, they should also ask the institution how it is planning to meet the cost of Covid-19 safety measures. These are likely to add up to substantial amounts of money. Wealthy parents should not feel shy about contributing to the Covid-safety fund of the college.

6. They should visit the website of the institution and read the blogs to find out how the institution has been trying to cope up with pressures brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will give them an insight into the institute’s journey through the pandemic. A good institution will show resilience and continued efforts to tame the adversity. Check out www itm edu pgdm.

7. The parents should also try to research and foresee what career options are going to be in demand after the pandemic is over. With so much disruption, life is not going to be the same. But how the pandemic-induced changes will shape life is yet to be fully grasped. They should talk with admission counselors about ITM PGDM courses and figure out which one is going to be relevant in the coming days.


Final thoughts

The blow that education has taken due to the pandemic is one of the most grievous ones. An academic year lost now can derail the career of millions of promising young men and women. The onus lies on everyone to get education back on track as early as possible. 

Parents have a crucial role to play in the revival and resumption of classroom education. They must quiz the college administration on on-campus covid-safety measures to ensure a safe campus for their children. It will be well in place for them to get the administration to follow the strictest safety measures on the campus. 

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