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5 Reasons why you must do executive Post Graduate Program


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So you are a working professional with some years of experience behind you. You work hard but still can't see your career progress as quickly as you would like. And you are wondering what is it that will propel your career to greater heights and provide you with much better growth opportunities. You have worked for a number of years with your existing skills but to enhance your career prospects, you must not only upgrade your existing skills but also learn the new ones. And the best way of doing this is to acquire higher qualifications. But you don't want to leave your job either as this will stop your earnings or you don't want a break in your career.

Then what is the way out? The good news is you can acquire a higher qualification in the shape of an Executive Postgraduate Program in Management (EPGP), without leaving your present job. Through EPGP, you will learn new management skills which will accelerate your career. And the best part is that you can do this without disturbing your current job. The only thing you have to do is to manage your time and work simultaneously.



This is a question that must be lurking in your mind now. The Executive Postgraduate Program in Management is a part-time management program designed specifically for working professionals, who have some years of experience under their belt. This may be a one year program or two-year program depending on the type of course you choose. There are many specializations available in this program and you can choose according to your interest or professional requirement. The EPGP in management course will help you to broaden your horizons and grow as professionals and entrepreneurs. 



There are plenty of reasons for you to take up an Executive Postgraduate Program in Management. Here are the top 5 for you.

  • Every company looks to identify employees who have the vision and potential and can be groomed to take top positions. Companies look for people who can analyze situations from different perspectives and can take the right actions in the interest of the company. An Executive Postgraduate Program in management prepares you for that. You will acquire cutting edge management tools from a very knowledgeable faculty that will help you in coming to the forefront of problem-solving in your organization.
  • You will learn new skills that will enable you to identify new opportunities and work on them to your company's advantage. The new management skills will enable you to develop a deeper insight into the organizational objectives which in turn, will give you a clear direction in which you need to work. And when you make your efforts in the right direction, this will increase your efficiency which will not only aid your company's growth but your growth also.
  • A very distinct advantage of pursuing an Executive Postgraduate Program in management is that whatever you keep learning you can put that into practice straightaway. You don't have to wait for the course to finish. This means you grow every day of your course and your contribution to your work is getting better each day. And this means immediate value addition to your company. And needless to say when you continue to add value to your company, your value to the company also keeps adding.
  • You will become a better leader. And that is a very critical requirement for growth in any type of career. An Executive Postgraduate Program in management provides you leadership training to help you understand your managerial style and work for its improvement. Leadership demands confidence and clear communication. You will be working on these two key skills during your course which will help you prepare for a leadership role.
  • Another big advantage is that you will be able to broaden your network in a big way. During the Executive Postgraduate Program in management, you will meet a number of people from different industries and learn their perspectives and ideas about business growth. At the same time you will interact with many industry leaders and acquire a lot of business knowledge from them which you can apply to your current job. And once you have a large network, you can always make the next big career move.

The benefits of an EPGP in management far outweigh the cost involved and is a step in the right direction if you really want to accelerate your career growth.



ITM Group of Institutions offers  Executive Postgraduate Program in management courses through its ITM Executive Education Center. These courses are offered in many different specializations and are designed with an emphasis on preparing executives for strategic decision making and career advancement. These programs are offered at Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Pune. These are part-time courses and can be done along with your job.

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