Benefits of getting placed from ITM Business School!
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Benefits of getting placed from ITM Business School!

“Well begun is half done!”

This proverb fits perfectly to an individual’s professional life. An excellent start to the career guarantees a remarkable future. Students are highly motivated to make it big after their PGDM Program; they’re bubbling with enthusiasm and are eager to establish themselves as valued professionals.

But, do students get the right opportunities to make their dreams a reality? Do they get the right launch pad to kick start their careers in the most beneficial manner?
ITM Business School understands that the first job is the most important step in a student’s professional life, and thus provides excellent campus placements for them to capitalize on. ITM’s PGDM Program is designed to go beyond the classroom and provide valuable placements for students who deserve it.
Here are the benefits of getting placed from ITM Business School-

Work for top companies!
ITM Business School’s PGDM Placement brings a multitude of reputed and sought-after enterprises from various fields. A student gets to explore opportunities with a gamut of top companies, all under one roof! Students can interact with company representatives and know the ongoing industry needs; they can also go one step further by gratifying a job requirement and apparently getting placed!

Get amazing salary packages!
Utilizing priceless corporate exposure backed by 2 years of intense practical learning, you can earn yourself a suitable salary package. ITM Business School’s placement record has been nothing short of phenomenal. Students have availed an average package of Rs.7.5 Lac while the highest package has soared above Rs.15 Lac with PGDM Placement!

A career boost, right at the start!

Students who get placed during the PGDM Placement, kick start their careers with an unassailable edge. By getting a valuable placement, they consolidate a very good position early on in their professional life. This helps in building a career that possesses exponential growth possibilities!

What are you waiting for?
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