BA in Visual Communications – 3 years

About Course

In bachelor of Arts degree in visual communications, students acquire skills in conceptualizing and designing visual messages. Programs also teach how to implement projects for print and electronic media

The Visual Communications includes instruction in graphic design, animation, photography, and other creative and technical subjects. Students may have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area such as graphic and interactive design. A comprehensive senior project is usually the last requirement to earn the degree and can include a final project, exhibition or field experience.

The visual communications curriculum gives students opportunities to draw, take pictures, create digital images, work with type, and design web pages. Instructors provide training in current design software and techniques. Studio classes offer the same kind of equipment used in the industry.

In addition to introductory courses in art and art history, coursework typically includes:

  • History of visual communication
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Digital media
  • Typography

Graduates will find work in advertising, digital media, graphic design, publishing, film, television and the game industry. With a professional-level portfolio, the aspiring professional might also consider freelance work.

Common job titles available include:

  • Publication designer
  • Photographer
  • Website designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Multimedia animator

Eligibility :

Minimum Higher Secondary Certificate or Diploma or equivalent 10+2 years of education

ITM Updates

9 hours ago

ITM Institute of Design & Media

A glimpse from our classroom activity of Visual Communication Students.

Activity highlights: Developing emoji's, characters with expressions and actions to understand simplify a character making in dynamic ways. This is helpful for our students to develop character modelling in various materials.

Under the guidance of Mr. Nitin Hegde.

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2 weeks ago

ITM Institute of Design & Media

Livsmart Workshop

These workshops help students to get the right technical knowledge, outside the classroom. Our motto is to help students to Design, using their technical skills, by understanding every minute detail in the making of a Drawer Slider or Hinges, General Hardware, Joinery Fittings & Screws, Furniture Locks, Retail Display Systems, Window Door Fittings & Architectural Hardware.
The goal of knowledge building is to generate and improve ideas to create under the guidance of Mrs Hemangni Bali.

Livsmart by ebco offers an exclusive range of intelligent hardware solutions of kitchen systems & Accessories, Aluminium Profiles & Handles, Bed & Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories and Furniture Lights - LED.

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2 weeks ago

ITM Institute of Design & Media

Goth Themed Wokshop at ITM IDM, Oshiwara.

Goths are more than a Roman-beating Germanic tribe – the Goth subculture started in the late 1970s in England. Goths came from the punk scene, but instead of politics and anarchism, they embraced music and goth clothing also inspired by horror films and macabre experiences.
Here we bring in Punk Goth inspired students, showing passion & fashion in a number of different styles.

Ou First Year Fashion Design students complied concept boards, dressed & styled themselves using inspirations from variant subcultures to iconic designers of the 70's. Presenting History of Art through their Work & Designs under the guidance of Mrs. Rashmi Sathe.

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