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Executive MBA has lately become a preferred choice among all working professionals. This gives them the chance to study and update themselves about the latest trends in managing different aspects of corporate life. You could be among these applicants of executive MBA and start moving forward towards a successful career path.

Of late most of these b schools offering executive MBA India have their own set of parameters for selecting the right candidate. As per priority, the first thing that you should be prepared about is your application form for executive MBA institute. The admission committee assesses the parameters of the application form and then moves forward with the admission process. These parameters may be related to the following areas:

  • Your test scores
  • Your personal interview
  • Your aggregate in your graduation
  • Your value addition for the course

Parameters of b schools offering executive MBA in India

As an applicant there are many things you may have thought of when you apply for bschools for weekend MBA. These parameters may be limited to the points listed above. However, colleges tend to look for more parameters while selecting the right candidate for their colleges. These aspects can be based on the following parameters:

  • Your current employed status and the company you work at play an eminent role for deciding whether you are apt for the course provided by the college.
  • Recommendation letters help the admission committee understand your contribution in an organisation and how you have helped the company grow or progress. This helps them to assess your worth and whether you are the right candidate to enhance the learning process in a classroom.
  • The number of years spent in the work place also plays a vital role in your application process. The more the experience the better would your application look to the admission committee.
  • Interview is another key role that you should keep in mind. You should prepare for the questions beforehand and also participate in group discussions to help you prepare for the rounds of selection. Executive MBA is specifically designed for working professionals and they are quite popular today because of the value they add to your CV and also the skills they help to enhance.

As part of your learning program you would be able to gain a lot of knowledge in your chosen subject but first you need to make sure that the application form is extremely impressive to make you among the top choices in the list of applicants.