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7 August 2018 - 10:29, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

Big data analytics, core-banking analytics, ESM systems these all are the buzzwords amongst IT industries these days. Blockchain methods, IOT, AI-Artificial Intelligence, AR-Augmented reality are all on the verge of revolutionizing the entire industry on a broader spectrum. Thus, it became important for young aspirants like us to understand the sector scenario along with leading the business and management frontiers of the same. To widen upon the gaze, our alma mater ITM Business School, kharghar, department of IT & Analytics organized this highly informative guest lecture by Mr. Subramaniyam Neelakandan The esteemed guest member is currently Senior Director, GEP, with an experience of more than 22 years in Product assurance. Mr. Subramaniyam’s sound knowledge in Electronics and telecommunication has made him a leader for his frontier enabling him to groom and train young aspirants to mould a better future. Sir has also established many organizations from its incubation making him the apt person to enlighten us about our forthcoming future.

“Time management is the most crucial and important managerial policy in management” were the starting words of their lecture and adhered to it profoundly until end. Abstract thinking, vivid imagination and ability to work out of the box is what he loves and expresses his this wish onto the emerging generations. He started his routine by discussing the challenges in managing management family. Sir gave us a deep insight about the functional differences between ‘Project’ and ‘Product’ along with its scale of implementation. He firmly believes that any product starts with innovation but invariably that’s not the market demand goes and mostly all the product starts with following current trend whereas project is market driven and scaled and tailored according to market needs. He made us understand the stages in project and product development and enlighten about the minimum viability concept. This surely helped us to understand its life cycle along with stating that implementation of product is project. Progressively he spoke about the products and projects responsible for the core banking techniques, enterprise management systems and many more. They gave us an understanding of using different SDLC methods like Agile, waterfall and spiral in the process of product-project execution making the process more time strained. Their explanation was always assisted with live practical examples this helped everyone to connect the dots efficiently.

Finally, they shared their extensive experience in recruiting young talents and guided us in attaining attributes for better future prospect. This complete overview of the current IT industry definitely sparked an urge to achieve and attain more during our course period. Apart from this, they also shared their own product details and how they approached and solved the problems making us more glued the possibilities of this field.

I humbly thank Mr. Subramaniyam Neelakandan with utmost gratitude for investing their valuable time making us more vulnerable and gainful towards future readiness. I also extend my warm regards towards IT & analytics department for arranging such a prestigious guest lecture. We all gained a lot of knowledge and wish to experience more of it in future.
Thanking everyone for extending such warm support and making this event a success.