A Step Towards your Final Ambition – Summer Placement’s at ITM
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There are many colleges but but there are only a few which actually leave a lasting impact and create leaders of tomorrow. Dr. P.V. Ramana, the founder-director of ITM has adopted many techniques and ensured students get enough exposure to industry even while studying.

ITM has realized that one of the most important problem is that students lack experience of any kind before their 1st job after their MBA. Here comes the radically outstanding part of the ITM PGDM program, a 6-month industry internship, the iConnect Core.

Engaging and training highly employable PGDM graduates with some of the leading firms, ITM had set a career path for you with iConnect Core! The internship structured to meet students expectations by presenting itself beyond an extended summer project.

“Nearly 1000 PGDM Students got 6 month internships (iConnect Core) as part of the highly successful ITM iConnect PGDM program launched in

July 2012, at stipends upto 15000 per month.

Designed to integrate industry and academics into a seamless experience, the iConnect Core

not tangles paying exercise.

was integrated to the real-world, distilled down to what’s relevant to you and your career.


The Regroup Sessions

Scheduled mid-way through the industry internship, students will accommodate

a set of academic interventions. They will experience and learn intensive full-time courses, while their internship performance will be monitored via feedback from the Internship Manager and the embedded faculty.

The entire iConnect Core Internship will be subject to concurrent evaluation by both the faculty and the project company, and will determine your overall performance in the ITM PGDM iConnect program.