75:25 A journey of a lifetime
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With the ITM Group just celebrated  its 25th year, we talk to Dr. P.V Ramana, as he approaches his 75th year, about his journey and ITM’s evolution.

Warren Bennis (born 1925) is a laid-back silver-haired professor at the University of Southern California who has been an influential authority on leadership for decades. He has been consulted on the subject by at least four American presidents and by some of the best-known occupants of corporate boardrooms around the world.

Bennis lists four competencies that future leaders need to develop; – Forming a vision, which provides people with a bridge to the future; – Giving meaning to that vision through communication; – Building trust, the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work; – Searching for self-knowledge and self-regard.

I have had the privilege to be at the helm of the ITM-Group of Institutions since the very beginning, and I have had the unique pleasure of witnessing thousands of careers taking off and dreams coming true, as our students turn to face the world, emboldened by their experiences at ITM and their desire to achieve something big.

We believe strongly in the potential of our Programs and we are proud to have been a partner to thousands of professionals in their preparation to handle the realities and complexities of business.Through self-development and visioning, they are poised to fuel India’s growth engines and prove themselves to be leaders in their own right.

Over the years, we have come to pride on our “Merit as the only currency accepted” philosophy for admissions. We have never “sold a seat” nor do we believe in the practice of collecting donations or capitation fees or allow influence or lobbying to affect our admission process. Complete transparency and equal opportunity for all have been ITM’s bedrock principles for admissions.

11 Comments on "75:25 A journey of a lifetime"

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