5 ways how an Executive MBA can transform your career!
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5 ways how an Executive MBA can transform your career!

A majority of working professionals aspire to enhance their careers. But due to the constraints of time and other resources, they’re unable to make any significant progress. Doing an MBA certainly helps, it is a proven method, but not many professionals can afford to take a career break.
ITM EEC solves this problem by providing a weekend Executive MBA program. How is it beneficial for working professionals? Here are 5 ways through which an Executive MBA helps in transforming your career-

1. Utilize weekends, no career break needed:

ITM Executive MBA is a weekend program, which means that working professionals can utilize their free time during weekends and actually earn an MBA. By quitting 2 days of rest every week, individuals can invest in themselves and get a valuable degree in 2 years.

For working professionals, doing an MBA meant compromising on their job for 2 years. But, since ITM EEC Executive MBA course is conducted during weekends, individuals can earn during weekdays and learn during weekends!

This practically is an MBA with 2 years of work experience, a very strong point to present in an individual’s Resume!

2. Learn the tricks of the new trade:
The industry keeps changing constantly, and professionals who are familiar with the latest trends are the ones who go on to create an impact in their careers. ITM EEC Executive MBA Program is designed to impart the most trending and demanded knowledge in the industry. This helps individuals understand the needs of the industry and develop skills accordingly.

3. Get an edge over others :
The corporate world is a competitive world. An Executive MBA from ITM EEC helps working professionals overtake competition with consummate ease! Get preferred over candidates who have equal experience, but no MBA.

Also, get astronomical pay hikes and promotions, owing to the competencies and skills developed at ITM EEC.

4. Travel convenience:
Traveling long distances is not only tiring and time-consuming but also takes away the reserved for the weekend. ITM EEC Executive MBA centers are scattered across 8 locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. So, a working professional can choose a convenient location to save time, energy and also gather some space to rest and rejuvenate.

5. Reputation:

Acquiring an MBA and acquiring an MBA from a reputed institute are two different things. Credibility matters a lot in the competitive corporate sphere. ITM has had a strong presence from the last 27 years. With 15,000+ Alumni and 2500+ on floor students, it is also one of the most trusted and sought-after institutes.
Are you a working professional looking for an amazing pay hike or promotion? A weekend Executive MBA program is your road to greatness. Contact us to transform your career!