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  • Aiming to provide an extensive knowledge to students of ITM University, a two-day workshop on ‘E-commerce’ was held during 31st August 2018 and 1st September 2018.

Key Learnings:

  • The students learned how to create an E-commerce Website using WordPress.
  • They also came to know what are the difficulties faced by various E-commerce giants and what all are they doing to overcome them.
  • Instead of creating a website on WordPress.com, the instructors taught the students how to create the same website on a local server using Xampp software.
  • The instructors showed an example of how an E-commerce website should look like and motivated the students to think in the same direction.
  • They also taught us the importance of learning to create an E-commerce website for marketing students.
  • The students were also given knowledge about IMDS – which helps in supporting new Business plans.

Methodology Used By Speaker:

  • The instructors started the workshop by introducing themselves, their company and giving an insight about the top 20 E-commerce websites in the world.
  • They ensured that each student understood every concept clearly and practically helped each student to overcome their doubts.
  • They frequently asked questions to ensure that the students were on the same page.
  • They also made the students to do an activity wherein the students had to package a product they deemed fit; this was done to make them understand why all the E-Commerce giants invest heavily in packaging.


  • The students gained the basic knowledge of WordPress, XAMPP Server, Woo-Commerce and Slider plugin.
  • We also came to know how to download and install free themes for our E-commerce website.
  • The Students extensively gained knowledge about the certifications approved by Government of India (Skill India).
  • The students also gained knowledge about most frequently used terminologies used in the IT sector.


“The workshop gave me an insight to develop website in a more structured way, as I already had an idea how to design a website using a different software. Parallely I learned that there are open source plugins that we can use to extend our services and make our website look attractive. I also learned the importance of marketing the website on the digital platform, since my long-term goal necessitates me to go deep into the field of digital marketing and E-commerce.”
Dwij Kumar (PGDM-1411) SRK Batch

“The workshop helped me to explore a new vertical that is website development for E-commerce through WordPress. It was like teaching an infant how to walk but as the workshop went on, my hesitation decreased and I got confident that yes, I can make a website. The instructors were very kind and patient in resolving all the problems that we faced, even that was worth learning. They also informed us about how a website will help if in future we are willing to become an entrepreneur.”

Amitosh Sinha (PGDM-1636) PK Batch