The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand
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The personal Branding skills

On the first day, we were introduced to the strategies in branding a company’s product. We came to know how companies brand their product in the most effective way and they hire agencies to sell the idea of the business to the target customers in the most creative manner. We were also made aware regarding the basic rules a company should follow while promoting its own brand as every brand should have a brand strategy road map that includes vision, mission, purpose and values. Later, we were also told how to identify the DNA of a company involved in a product or service where service meant giving values and product meant giving benefits to the customers. Later on, in the second half of the day the students were divided into different groups, each consisting of a student who wanted to become future entrepreneur. Each group was allotted a start-up company like “MOBIEFIT, THE MOMS COMPANY” etc and we were told to market the brand by identifying the target audience and we also used the strategies like segmentation and positioning. How storytelling leads to branding of a product was also taught. In the story telling canvas we understood the subject (what is the story about), goal ( what do you want to achieve with this story ), audience ( what is your story’s audience and what are their needs ), before ( what does your audience think, feel, know, want, before, they have experienced your story ) and then

  • 1. Set the scene,
  • 2. Make your point,
  • 3. Conclusion and then after (what does your audience think, feel, know, want, after they have experienced your story). After the story telling canvas we did the brand strategy canvas to understand how to market a start-up company and we analysed the customer insight, competitive market, company/product features, rational features, emotional benefits, brand positioning statement, brand essence, company values, brand personality and the key messages of the company.

On the second day of the workshop, we were taught about PERSONAL BRANDING, the first thing we came to know that brand personality is a set of characteristics associated with a brand and personality is how a brand behaves. These all depend upon demographic factors like gender, age, race, culture, lifestyle etc., socio-economic class, psychographic includes demographic and psychological factors which include values, personality traits and emotional characteristics. Then we told about how personal branding creates brand equity and basic concepts in brand equity were also discussed which included how personal branding differentiates the brand and makes it distinct from other competitive offerings and services as a powerful relationship device. Later, we were made to do an activity based on “CHANGEMAKER STORY CANVAS”. Here, we started the activity by acknowledging our past ( in grew up in ….., in studies ….., ‘aha’ and ‘ouch’ moments…..), our present ( the challenges i face are ….., the problem i am solving is ……), and our future ( my message to the world is ……, my tips to other change makers are …..). After this activity we were made to write about our goals, passion, personal drivers, what are we known for, what do we have answers for. By doing this activity students were able to perceive about themselves and what others perceived about them. At the end, we were given some valuable inputs on how to maintain our LINKED IN profile which will help us in our professional carrier and to improve our networking skills.

Therefore, we feel honoured to have attended such an valuable workshop and it was a great and knowledgeable experience being guided by an esteemed guest lecturer. We Thank INSTITUTE FORTECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT for giving us such an exposure.

Ms.Neha Sarwal
Executive Director, Brand Whiz