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“Traditional marketing talks about at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

A two-day workshop was held by the marketing department on the campus on various subjects and Content marketing was one of them

The workshop on content marketing was held by Ms. Bistriti Poddar, the co-founder of Paperless Postcard. Ms.Poddar proved to be a dynamic lady with many valuable insights embedded in her workshop. She was very savage in her ideology and spoke practically as to how creativity can also prove to be a profitable source of income.

Paperless Postcard is a social hub which provides content on non-fiction. Ms. Poddar shared various nuances of digital media and the various tits and bits associated with it. She explained why the digital audience is not very patient with the advent of technology and called her followers ambassadors.

She also explained that digital readers deserved. The digital readers always need something new and they are never satiated. The students also came to know that paperless postcard was an extensive website reaching out to three million people and also collaborated with many companies like shopper’s stop and movies like Toilet ek prem katha.

Ms.Poddar briefed about the content the company uploads on its website. The content is completely raw and based on live experience and examples. The topics like “A girl with opinion” “Your daughter is confident’ speak volume of how creativity can be extraordinary. Ms.Poddar explained that one can replicate product model but cannot replicate experience. She is extremely candid and called the content as the king

After this she elucidated about Brand Positioning and its importance, how to develop brand positioning, its gestation period, customer loyalty and thinking about the brand name. According to her the product should speak for itself without bringing its value down. Individual SWOT analysis should also be performed. The do’s and don’ts of the start-up’s were also explained.
According to Ms.Poddar, one should not think about long term goals. One should be aspirational but rooted in reality and also should not ignore the key risk. One should know how to figure problem and figure the solution to the problem.

She then went on to explain about the difference between the important and unproductive goals in life. She also shared her success story and the amount of effort that had gone behind setting up the Paperless Postcard. She then wanted us to enter the world of creative writing in the form of an open letter which all the participants submitted at the end of the first day.
Next day we were taught about the open letters, how to balance its crispness with emotion and feelings and also the process of writing an open letter. She also explained about the basic I’s of open letter like interest, innovation and intention.

After that we learnt about search engine optimization (SEO), the page ranks given in them, the bounce rate and a few other current concepts of internet era. Post lunch we were briefed about internal and external triggers for social media addiction and how we are self-driven to hunt content on it.

At the end the team from Paperless Postcards summarized about the customer journey, how customer build upon customer trust, its visual impact and more in line. We were also shown a power point presentation on customer journey with interesting statistics and case studies. The two-day workshop was wrapped up with encouraging words from the speakers about how the creativity present in us can also be a huge differentiator in helping us break the clutter.

Ms.Bistriti Poddar
Co-Founder, Paperless postcards, Tedx speaker