Retail Management & Marketing department had the opportunity to witness the Mall management of Viviana Mall, Thane
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Retail Management & Marketing department had the opportunity to witness the Mall management of Viviana Mall, Thane. This is a detailed report of the visit to Mall, Thane.

The flow of the visit was as follow:

  1. A small all-round visit.
  2. The mall representative, Mr. Amit (from marketing department) would be giving us a complete inside-out tour of the mall.
  3. Lunch
  4. Alum talk and chit chat with our seniors which are currently doing internship with the respective mall.

The total retail floor area (carpet area) of the mall is around 1,000,000 sq ft or you can also say 13 acres. Viviana is an “Anchor” heavy mall as it comprises of 21 anchors and mini anchors. We thought the mall representative sounded a bit low when he said that the mall didn’t have 2 big departmental stores- Central & Westside.

There are a total of 9 entrances to the mall- 3 at Ground Floor, 3 at Upper Block and 3 at Lower Block (Parking), as he mentioned that Viviana has one of the largest parking space in Mumbai, comprising of 2 level parking which can accommodate around a whooping tally of 2400 cars. As there were 3 entries at each level, they were named as Central Entry for the central court, West Entry for the western court and the East Entry for the eastern court. The ground floor was full of premium level stores which had H&M, Shoppers Stop, Rado, Marks & Spencer, Zara etc and we were literally wooed by just the presence of these shops as these are the influencers to bring in the footfalls and generate large amount of revenue for themselves and also for the mall. 

The first floor was flooded with all the apparels mostly for the ladies as Amit sir rightly said “ladies are the impulse buyers” also our most liked Prof. Shatabdi mam also bought some apparels for herself from Nalli.Since we were moving on the Second Floor, Amit sir also informed us that Shoppers Stop along with Marks & Spencer  were the two major anchors of the mall. Now as we escalatedto the second floor there it was the huge Food Court! It was the biggest food court having a seating capacity for 1250 customers having all the mouth watering franchises like the KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Sabbaro, Baskin and Robins etc but Amit sir sprinted us through the food court as he presumed, we’d get hungry. There were around 17 restro’s and few of them near the courtyard area.

Moving further we saw a very huge showroom of BATA and he also said that it was the biggest showroom in all of ASIA. The showroom was around 20,000 sq ft huge. The mall has a total of 250 various brands and the ambience of palm trees for the ground floor was inspired by the malls in Dubai. It also has an video theatre lounge by Cinepolis and has 14 viewing screens along with 4DX and a VIP lounge. This mall has a great variety of Brand Mix. As we had completed the visit of the mall, we came to a conclusion that it was such an customer friendly mall as the circulation of the mall was very easy. As we were roaming around the mall, we saw there were small stores along the passage ways, these were known as KIOSKS. These Kiosks were also called as “Barrels”. In the central court most of the free space was leased for the brand promotion and boy it was a lucky day for us as we saw VERSACE was promoting its perfumes. 

Even after we had completed almost each floor of the mall, there was Computer Knowledge Centre-XRCVC (Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged).

As Amit sir rightly said, “We should also give back to our society” and this was a well quipped community centre for all the visually challenged and partially blind people and the education they received was not charged a penny. It was completely FREE! 

It was simple the mall management wanted- more and more brands visible to the customer. As we speak about the mall management, the management was divided among various departments, they are as follows: –

  1. Operations Department.
  2. Engineering Department.
  3. Loss Prevention Department.
  4. Marketing Department.
  5. Accounts and Finance Department.
  6. Legal Department.
  7. Leasing Department.

We were taken for lunch as it was a complementary service provided to us by the mall management. Further, we were explained the operations carried out by few of the departments mainly of marketing and leasing.

  • Marketing: –

Marketing was briefly explained to us by Mr. Amit Tapia and Miss Nikita which was also our alum from IB (International Business) branch. 

Marketing management is responsible to bring the customers to the mall as the motto says, “How to get the footfalls and the sales to grow”. It measures the job to see that the customer’s visit the mall, to increase the sales and to carry out various activities to attract customers. It is also responsible to keep a track on customers “Dwell Period” and thrives to increase the same. It provides various services to the customers like there are 2 mother cares, the only mall to provide electronic wheel chair, a shoe laundry, sanitary pads for women and the V-club exclusive service.

Regarding the V-Club membership it is divided into 3 categories: –

  • Elite Membership
  • Classic Membership
  • Priority Membership


It carries out major activities as per the seasons like the summer activities for the kids, Diwali, Christmas. It carries out 2 big events of flat 50% off on all products during January and July. This team is also responsible for the advertising of the mall through hoardings and other means of communication. It also carries out small events during local festivals such as Gudi Padva, Ganpati, friendship Day etc to attract the footfalls. To conserve electricity, they have installed around 1250 watt of solar panels on the roof which have the capacity to generate 25-30% of electricity for the general and emergency purposes. 100% of wet waste gets converted into organic manure, they have also promised TMC of supplying 100 tonnes of organic manure on World Environment Day. It also has an system to convert the sewage waste water into clean water with the help of Sewage treatment Plant (STP) which is used for washrooms. The Marketing team carries out mystery audits every month to keep a check on each and every retail outlet.


  • Leasing: –

Leasing was explained to us by our alum which is now the COO of Viviana Mall- Mr. Guruvinit Singh.

The leasing team also carries out the main function to keep a check on sales and providing new measures to increase the sales as most of the revenue for the mall is generated through rents from the retail outlets. Since the mall is double size of the anchor ratio of the mall is around 70:30. They have carried out cluster zoning method as it becomes easy for the customer to visit to the various brands for the product he wants to purchase. The mall management also plays mind games i.e. it also emphasizes on psychological zoning which increases the dwell period and influences customer to purchase the product as a result of impulse buying. He also gave us a percentage distribution for the products in general as 4% is leased for electronics, 15-20% for apparels, 10-15% for various accessories, 2-3% for jewellery, 10-15% for footwear etc.


  • Wholistic Approach

This session was taken by none other than the CEO of Viviana Mall, Mr. Manoj Agrawal as he explained us about the important aspects regarding the foundation of the mall.

Viviana mall is so successful due to months of analysis, the decisions taken by the stakeholders and also the risks taken by few of the personnel. The construction of the mall is the complete investment of ₹1500 crores. It was a result of accurate catchment analysis done by a team of Business Analytics.

The management team gives a great importance for the convenience of the customers as the mall is situated at a driving distance of around 20-30 mins from the primary catchment, 40 mins from the secondary catchment and 60 mins from the tertiary catchment area.

The churning of the brands is done as per the trade density of the retail store which is calculated by “Trading Density= Total sale of the mall/ Total Lease Area”. It is found that around 10-15% of the spends goes into advertising.


As the session ended each of the representatives from the mall management team were awarded as a kind gesture on the behalf of ITM Institute since they gave us their precious time from such a time bound schedule and educated us the operations carried out by the mall. It has won ICSC Gold Award for past 7 years.

At the end I would really say Viviana, celebrates everyday!