10th HEF Annual Convention
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12 March 2019 - 10:30, by , in blog, ITM Institute, PGDM, Comments off

On the 10th HEF Annual Convention Dr Lakshmi Mohan, Director , ITM Kharghar was part of the panel discussion on “Skills and Competencies for New Generation Teachers for Teaching New Generation Students” with panelists Dr Peter Cunningham, Professor Emeritus, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa, Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director-CKSV Institute of Management, Mr Thothathri Raman,Chairman SEAA Trust, Delhi and Dr C Babu, Director DSIMS.

Dr Lakshmi spoke about importance of connecting with the students to make learning more interesting and the teacher-facilitator more respectful. In an era when google answers all questions and students are good in English communication, the faculty will have to add beyond, and that includes life values. Coupled with job ready skills, students must be equipped with life skills. Teaching new generation students is a challenge considering the instant gratification they desire for and the vast knowledge they are already exposed to. Hence it is vital for teachers to acquire new skills and competencies to provide excellent learning for their students. The panelists spoke about the various competencies and skills that are needed for New Gen Teachers who play a major role in shaping New Gen students .