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Here at ITM, we believe that no amount of learning is enough. A student can learn from various sources, and real-world learning is amongst the most important and useful. Thus, we provide students with an opportunity to enrich their learning by interacting with the real-world, through interactive seminars and workshops conducted through the course of the PGDM FM.

Personal Development / Growth Lab
Personal Development is a continuous process and is accomplished through life style management with a special focus on all-sided wellness, mentoring, counseling, conducting special programs on etiquettes, soft skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills growth lab, etc., by faculty mentors, dedicated faculty and trainers from the Industry. In the fourth and fifth terms, intensive, compulsory modules related to personality development with a special focus on placement will be organized by trained faculty.


In addition to regular infrastructural facilities like library, classroom, LCD's, online resources like EBSCO, HBR, Capital line database etc. ITM-IFM's core competence lies in effectively training students using the Business Simulation lab at Vashi .The Lab brings into the classroom a live trading environment where the live data NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, Derivative stock market is received and students are trained to trade and manage portfolio’s effectively in a stimulated environment.

Our Unique Business Simulation Lab is the 1st of its kind in India, and the 6th in the world, for training program participants in a real-time, live market environment simulation. The lab provides hands-on, real-world training in Securities, Derivatives, Commodities and Foreign Exchange trading.

The Lab is also equipped with Technical Analysis software that is used to trained student to time the trades using Technical Analysis charting tools.

BSL Features:
  • High-end dedicated data server, loaded with over 10 years of tick-by-tick market data, allowing for realistic simulations of historical markets.
  • Instructor workstation, with ability to supervise the trading activity, set risk & exposure parameters etc.
  • High-speed dedicated Internet access through a wireless leased line, connected to all terminals through a closed LAN subnet.
  • Wide-screen plasma and LCD TV screens to display market news and update.
Software setups:
  • NEATxs Admin: The exchange administration Software platform of the Exchange, for surveillance, Portfolio Management, Daily Settlement and risk management.
  • NEATxs TWS: The trading workstation software platform used by traders to trade 5 segments i.e. Equity cash market: NSE CM, BSE CM, Derivative market: Future & Options and Commodity market: NCDEX, MCX.
  • Live data feed of Equities, Derivatives, Futures and Options create real-time market conditions.
  • Online Technical Analysis and Charting: World standard technical analysis software installed.
  • Real-time news and analysis data streams from FT Market View, Ticker Plant.
  • Live market news and updates via CNBC, Bloomberg TV etc.
  • Tradecracker is a financial trading simulator for portfolio management activities. Members can use mock money to understand the risks, returns and working of various financial instruments. Without risking their hard earned money, members can practice and develop investment strategies by trading in a realistic financial environment where price feeds come directly from NSE, MCX and NCDEX

The Board of Students

The Board of Students of the Institute organizes seminars, workshops, contests and discussions on issues related to the world of finance. Prominent members of the financial community come regularly to address the club members and to add a touch of real-world experiences.

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