Real World Skills

Besides regular class room sessions and the project work, experts in various fields from the industry are called on campus to conduct seminars and workshops on topics related to various disciplines of Management and International Business and trade. The latest session conducted in the Navi Mumbai campus was on the topic: EEC / Euro Zone – A Historical and Trade Perspective. Not only is the learning experience of students enriched, but this also provides students with exposure and opportunity to interact with industry. Topics of these activities range from a variety of subjects right from contemporary issues in the world of business like trade policies, forex markets and its movements, risk analysis and general political and economic scenarios. We provide students with an opportunity to enrich their learning by interacting with the real-world, through interactive seminars and workshops conducted through the course of the PGDM IB.

Workshops in international Business (Navi Mumbai)

  • International Conference On Financial Inclusion – Multi Perspectives in association with NABARD
  • MEA-FICCI - Foreign Policy
  • FMCG Sector Analysis & Role of Operations & Supply Chain Management in FMCG Sector
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Business Analysis Skills
  • The awakening in the Competitive World
  • FUTURISTA - Invent the Future
  • MAVERICK 2012 – A fun cum learning event

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